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Who Bot T Shirt

by on August 10, 2012

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Nice mashup of Doctor Who Dalek and a rock ’em sock ’em robot. It looks like they may be fighting to the death, which is brutal but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when your honor is at stake.

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Space Balls. May the Schwartz Be With You. Mel Brooks put together some goofus movies in his time and this certainly was no exception. I like taking the piss out of Yoda and the Force of Star Wars fame, because it’s all just a little too ponderous and meaningful.

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Game of Swords T ShirtWhat you have here is Link in the classic Link pose from Legend of Zelda, but you also have hints of the Game of Thrones, which, my friends, makes this a mashup! Did you hear that? We have a mashup on our hands and it makes me so happy. This Game of Swords T Shirt is pretty sweet. Look at all of the swords behind Link.

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5 elements amber ale t shirtMilla Jovovich makes any beer label or t-shirt or stupid syfy movie look better, don’t you think. Especially, in the weird white tape outfit. Weird movie The Fifth Element and dumb and goofy, but still somewhat compelling. This 5 Elements Pale Ale T Shirt is better than the movie and it helps you to remember the good times with Milla, and you can thank Tshirt Bordello for that.

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Little known fact that Albert Einstein liked to mess around with biology when not devising theories and hypotheses about energy, physics, and pottery. He’s the one that drew up the human centipede that was long forgotten for being too weird, but picked up as a film script in the modern day, because today people are perverted, sick and twisted and want to watch cinema about evil doctors binding the gastrointestinal systems of three people like a centipede.

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I have the Ronald McDonald reference but what’s the horror film part of the deal. I have no idea. Okay 22 seconds of Internet research and I have it figured out. IT is the name of a Stephen King novel. There’s your horror. Tshirt Bordello gave me a clue in their description of the shirt referencing Derry, Maine. It is all coming together right now.

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Sweet lord, nice little mashup with the Doctors. Doctor Who and Doctor Seuss with Horton the elephant standing by the ubiquitous telephone booth from which all the magic of the long standing syfy series flows.

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Night of the Creeps mixed with Beaker of The Muppets makes a very nice little tee for all the boys and girls with a little horror film/puppet love.

Go ahead and pick up a Night of the Meeps T Shirt and you will see the respect you get from your family, neighbors, coworkers, and peers rise exponentially. Seriously. It’s proven. People will respect you at least 59% more when you wear this shirt.

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If you’re into old school cartoons and breakfast cereal, you’re eight years old. I mean, you’re awesome, no matter what age you are, and you deserve a reward for being awesome. And that reward, my friend, is a Lion-O’s T Shirt, because it’s a fresh take on a very popular animated character. Dig it.

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Most intense chess match ever. Nice little mashup of chess and Mortal Kombat. Scorpion is totally going check mate the hell out of Sub-Zero. Finish him! Finish him right now! Finish him forever! Like this funny Mortal Kombat Chess Match T Shirt? Then, visit Tshirt Bordello and get many as you and your friends and your favorite relatives would like. Right now!

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Down on his luck dude finds sunglasses that enable to him to see the truth behind the human masks. Aliens! And, they’re trying to brainwash the people into submission with messages like Obey Consume Conform Sleep. John Carpenter, who’s a horror dude, directed this film, so there’s probably some blood and gore in it. And perhaps it’s a bit of a cult classic. I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m trying to piece together bits and pieces to come up with some sort of narrative.

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Jason uses a lot of weapons to kill people in the very fine cinematic series Friday the 13th. I’m not into horror films myself. In fact, I can’t stand them because they’re gross and they scare me, and I get neurotic, and therapists are expensive, and they want to keep seeing me, because I don’t show a lot of progress. But, I encourage anybody that’s down with the bloody, gory, scary shit to seriously consider the merits of this Jason’s Arsenal T Shirt. It is pretty ingenious with weapons shaped as the iconic mask.

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