Torso Pants

Torso Pants is the goofy division of T Shirt Hell. Sometimes the designs are available, sometimes they’re not, depending on the whims of the twisted mind that runs T-shirt Hell. Great shirts though. Some of my favorite.

This Praying Mantis refuses to bow his head, refuses to follow along with the customs like a sheep like all the other others. This one is an individual, standing upright, head held high, arms crossed, not gonna be forced to pray like all the other sucker brethren he interacts with everyday.

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Hello! We’ve got a wordplay here. The devil is known as the Prince of Darkness. If you choose to self identify as the Prince of Dorkness then you are tipping your cap to humor, but also admitting that you truly are a dork. Perhaps you have computing skills. Or maybe you spend at least 7.5 hours in a loving caress with your game console. Or it might just be that you’re really good at science. Whatever the case may be, if you feel that you deserve to wear the Prince of Dorkness T Shirt, then you are right and better buy it asap.

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Cowbell Hero T shirt

by on August 20, 2010

Beautiful shirt capture the moment when two pop culture phenomenons collide. Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell Fear the Reaper More Cowbell skit on SNL and the Guitar Hero video game. Hey, you got your peanut butter in my chocolate. Hey you got your chocolate in my peanut butter. Two great tastes that taste great together. This is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the tshirt world, which is Cowbell Hero T Shirt should be in your dresser of drawers within the next week.

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True Evolution T-Shirt

by on August 19, 2010

When it comes right down to it, evolution has taken some strange twists and turns. Hard to believe in a way, but not nearly a leap of faith, as say, an omnipotent being getting bored and deciding to create creatures in his own image. Ha Ha. What some people believe. I feel more comfortable in the evolution theory espoused on this True Evolution T Shirt:

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This is one of those cute wordplay type shirts. Angles with halos. Angles and angels are very close in spelling. Probably a huge spelling issue in elementary schools throughout the country not to mention English as a Second Language classes.

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Yet another Hitler tshirt from our horrid friends over at T-Shirt Hell. And, yet again, something that is offensive and makes you laugh that guilty laugh. Yes, Hitler was evil, but in this instance the only thing that makes him evil is adding the evil pointy goatee beard.

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voted-most-likely-to-travel-back-in-time-class-of-2057-tshirtThis took me a while to figure out, because I’m really, really slow. I was voted most likely to Epic Fail Class of 1988. And, I’m doing a very good job of it…makin’ my alma mater proud. Anyways, this shirt is a pure unadulterated goof, just like I like ’em.

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Torso Pants Shutting Down

by on December 13, 2008

torso-pants-shutting-downTotal bummer news here. Torso Pants is dropping out of the funny tshirt game. Not sure why. They have one of the funniest inventories of tshirts online, with big, bold beautiful designs. Parent company Tshirt Hell must not have liked the profit margins or the excessive focus on hamsters. Whatever the case…this news is a drag.

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Ante Christ Tshirt

by on December 3, 2008

Christ looks a little bummed, like he’s on a losing streak and he’s not paying attention or simply just taking to long to drop his ante in the pot. I wonder if he thought coming in, there was no way he was going to lose because, well, he’s the son of god, but as he got into the game, he realized he didn’t have any special poker powers. So, he’s totally relying on his human side to play and it’s just not getting him anywhere.

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Um. As far as throwing you for a loop tshirts go, this is a classic funny funny. I mean when you have the name Kate Beckinsale underneath a picture of Sam Adams, you’re asking for really funny stuff…especially when Mr. Adams is wearing a jock strap around his neck. Too hilarious. LMAO. ROTFL.

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Words on a Shirt T Shirt

by on September 18, 2008

Sometimes the most important thing is getting to the point. Saying what has to be said. Cutting to the chase. Letting people know in no uncertain terms what the truth is.

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You had better be very sure of yourself if you’re going to dare and put this tshirt on. Basically, you’re SHOUTING that you know what’s what and the score and what time it is, so nobody had better mess with you no how. You feel like your god’s gift to this green earth? You feel like what you say has got to be heard? Well, then. You better put your money down and get this shirt and wear it every important place you go.