Threadless is a fantastic community of shirt enthusiasts that create and vote on t-shirt designs. Really cool concept and a great company based out of Chicago.

photo-finish-whats-first-chicken-eggIt’s still inconclusive, which came first. You’d think with all this modern electronic equipment we could finally get to the bottom of this age old puzzler. But no…still can’t really tell, though the chicken does look a little further along, but that may because the chicken has that goofy head bob run and if the pic had been snapped a nanosecond early we may have seen the egg touching the line and the fowl on the back swing.

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freaks-in-the-fun-house-tshirtSo…there was this sunny day in May and all these freaks and geeks, who used to hang out together, ‘cuz they all looked whack in some way or other, like they were the main characters in the latest Palaniuk tome. Anyway, they all decided to go into the fun house, which sat on a dusty lot in the middle of the fair on the outskirts of town.

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I can never keep these little cavely wonders straight, and I’m sure you can’t either unless you’re some kind of superhero geologist. Thank god someone thought to put the up and down formations on a shirt announcing who they are.

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Threadless stubbornly refuses to become uncool. In other words, they just keep making this holiday tshirt season wickedly, merrily awesome. Now, if you can believe it, they are offering free shipping for orders over $50. This is on top of tons of deals, including $15, $10 and even $5 tees.

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Hey, words to live by, but on the other hand this design is pretty damn cool and it wouldn’t be so if it was a straight up Raleigh three speed. Mixed messages here, but if you’re into catalyzing conversation, this is the tshirt for you. Some will come in with the convoluted is disagreeable, where others will say intricate detail makes life rich.

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The Food Chain T shirt

by on November 29, 2008

I love how in my brain I get mixed up right here when I’m looking at this tshirt. Because it is a pyramid, first thought is the government’s suggested servings of different foods. But, actually, this is slightly different than that.

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Incredible deals at the annual Threadless holiday sale. You can get awesome tees from $5 – $15. Jump on this sweet deal.


Headline: Barney and Barney actor skeleton found well preserved in East Los Angeles Dig

You can only guess where the archeologists are going to dig up this specimen in a thousand years. Probably after shooting Barney & Friends the perverted “actor” that plays the scary purple educational mutant, goes down back alleys and seedy boulevards in sunny, smoggy LA to find what gets him off. Crack cocaine, rusty handcuffs and Orangina.

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Battery Vacation w/ boombox TshirtBatteries taking a day off. Beautiful. What better thing to celebrate on a tshirt than the salt of the earth, hard working folks (and batteries), kicking up their feet and enjoying a day off from work. Two things take this to the next level. One, they have the boom box plugged in. It’s like the workers, sipping umbrella drinks, turning the tables on factory management and watching them put in a grueling eight or nine or 10 or whatever. Two, these two chill batteries ain’t even thinking about it. Work is a distant half tone, while they relax in vivid, shiny clarity.

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What kind of tshirt blogger am I, if I’m not alerting my faithful readers to the sweet sale going on at threadless right now? If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind tshirt design at bargain prices, get on over to Threadless right now and have a ball.

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American Apparel t shirts get lots of love in the clothing world. In fact, they’re the largest clothing manufacturer in the US. Why?

Well, first of all, they’re very high quality shirts that fit very well and are made right here in the USA– Los Angeles to be exact. No sweatshop labor used to produce these threads, which is a big deal. Look at some of the places your clothes are made these days: China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia. Hard to say under what kind of working conditions these clothes were produced. Unfortunately, there’s a pretty good possibility in the global shirt business that worker conditions are bad.

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Attack of the mole people tshirtThis dude is playing a terrific game of whack-a-mole. I don’t think he knows what he’s in for. Probably had no idea the karmic debt he was ringin’ up, just “havin’ a little fun” at the expense of these “harmless” little moles.

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