Technology T Shirts

Technology T Shirts: if the design is about computers, smart phones, Apple, Microsoft, Google, or the like it falls into this category. Some good stuff in here.

You’ll remember Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer mocked the iPad when it was first released, calling it  a glorified Etch-a-Sketch. Well, now he’s sorta eating shit, and because he lost of bet on how many of Apple’s iPad were going to sell, he had to wear that ugly red sweater and admit that the damn things are selling.

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Apple ingeniously starts to talk about voided warranties after Congress’ Copyright Office deemed jailbreaking of electronical gizmos is coolio. I love this. Fuck Apple and all their proprietary products, where customers are beholden to whatever Apple says is appropriate to drop on their little iPhone, iPod and iPads.

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This is just one of those PSA “Slow your roll” tshirts that we all need to see and digest at times. Always good to have reminders to keep the speed down, to stop texting while driving, and, of course, to avoid the red turtle shells that sort of look like granades…at least in Mario Kart they do. Many  believe the red turtle shells are the most wicked weapons in the history of video games.

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How can you say that about such a little cutie pie with proceeding hair line. I mean he’s got tons of street cred, he did videos on Funny or Die, and makes all the stupid little junior high girls swoon. What’s not to like? Why would you lump him in with annoying cell phones and pagers. Plus, what the fuck…pagers. Do those things even exist any more? And, beepers are pagers aren’t they. God. Even the wordplay is hacky. How about shut off your VCR?

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Rainbow tshirts for the whole family. Do not forget to tuck them in to look more tidy.

San Francisco artist, Gilbert Baker, hooked up the LGBT group with the Rainbow flag in 1978, so the Apple, headquartered, not too far away in the Silicon Valley, was well aware of the connotation when they busted out these tshirts.

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“The problem is you have a bad attitude about starving to death.”

Apparently, Dave doesn’t believe the hype. Good little clip of him doing comedy post-sabbatical.

Actually, living the good life has nothing to do with visualization, it actually has everything to do with wearing funny t shirts every chance you get.

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As you know the latest iPhone has a problem with its reception when you hold it. Here are some real and goofy solutions for making this wonderful piece of cutting edge technology work for you, including my favorite involving a rubber band.

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First, be careful. This image is pretty graphic. Looks like that dude got some blood-like tranny fluid on his schmock. If you can get past that, here’s what you need to think about this shirt.

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Modern Pirates Tee

by on February 13, 2009

modern-pirates-tshirtThere’s really not much commentary to add to Glennz Tees. They just strike you as funny from the get. The weird juxtapositions, the precise art. The shirts are simply amazing and quite amusing.

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What’s beautiful about this tshirt is that audio cassette tape, VHS tape and floppy disk all seem to have come to grips with being on the steep downhill of their careers. Maybe all the pressure of having to perform is off and now they can just hang out, be themselves and enjoy life in obscurity.

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