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Technology T Shirts: if the design is about computers, smart phones, Apple, Microsoft, Google, or the like it falls into this category. Some good stuff in here.

The hipster iron giant right here on this Ironic Giant T shirt. Do you feel it? He looks good with scarf, hat, skinny jeans, messenger bag. I guess it’s assumed that if you dress in this manner you are ironic. Is that true? I’m old. I don’t know exactly how this works. I mean, I feel like the ironic giant would be wearing a Miley Cyrus T Shirt or a Monsanto T Shirt and just kind of snearing. This guy looks a little stylish and comfortable. Wait, I just noticed the dipsy doo moustache. Nevermind.

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Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

So you have this video game Portal that I know less than nothing about. There’s a vortex of unknowledge in my brain about Portal. It seems to be popping up everywhere, yet I cannot get myself to figure out what it’s all about. Am I a bad person? Anyways…Think Different is the classic Apple slogan. If you never saw the commercial I’ve done you the huge favor of embedding it below.

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Here you have the much emulated Apple marketing design of the dark figure with the white iPod, iPhone, iWhatever cord on a killer whale. So, naturally if you’re an Apple and sea creature fan, you’re going to want the iSwim T Shirt.

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This is a pretty cool shirt with the painter cover up the wall with a base coat, and the wall obviously referencing the look of a new image with a transparent background in Adobe Photoshop. Guess it really won’t mean much to those that don’t use Photoshop, but for the millions that do, I expect this shirt triggers vigorous head nods of appreciation. And, of course, reaching for wallets and purchasing of this Photoshop Paint T Shirt.

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Obviously, this Mom’s Friendly Robot Company T Shirt is inspired by the animated series, Futurama. I say that with much authority because I’ve watched every episode…twice.

That’s not true, but I’m certain that Mom owns MomCorp and she’s a tough old bird, and she runs a company that builds robots and sometimes they blow up unsafely.

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I can’t quite put my finger on why I like this shirt. There is some element that really draws me. Maybe it’s a subliminal thing. Or maybe it’s the colors. Or geez I just can’t quite wrap my mind around what is so appealing. Is anyone else having this sort of visceral reaction to this Girl Vs. Robot T shirt?

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Good wordplay here in this design by Karma Police 7. This person’s particular multislacking includes jumping on the couch, gaming, and listening to an iPod. That’s some pretty good multislacking. God, I really like this concept of multislacking. You could have TVs and laptops and corn chips. Or foos ball, People magazine, and weed. There’s any number of shirts that could get pumped out under this handle. Love it, which is why I highly recommend you get this Multislacking T Shirt.

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This poor dead robot is now part of the living dead robot horde, and will now be on an eternal quest for processors, which is what the waking dead robots crave, instead of the brains that living dead humans go for. I imagine it’s a little cleaner process with robots than humans. Less blood and gore, though I guess wiring and maybe oily parts might make for a decent mess.

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I Love Apple Pi T Shirt

by on November 6, 2011

Nice wordplay image hijinx transitive pictograph verbalization right here. If you’re a true goofy Patriotic American, Apple Fanboy, math and/or science nerd, this I Love Apple Pi T Shirt is definitely for you. Apple Pie is one of the standby’s of being an old school patriot, along with mom, baseball, and actually preferring to have a rule of law, rather than the current oligarchical rule of money.

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This is funny. Rorschach is a badass and someone you would think wouldn’t sell out space on his face for quick cash. But, some soulless corporation got to him (everybody…EVERYBODY has a price) and now he’s got a static QR code on his face, which, when you point your smart device at it, gives you 65 cents off your next purchase of a Big Mac. Rorschach gets 20 cents for everyone that downloads the coupon.

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Steve Jobs was a cultural icon. He invented some spectacularly cool shit. He innovated. He moved the needle on technology. Not sure where the personal computer, mouse, and all these mobile gadgets are ultimately taking us, but he followed his passion, got in his groove, and did work. Good for him. RIP SJ.

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Nice mix of news, holiday, TV, Youtube, and old school gaming top the list of visitor interest last week. If you’re reading this, you basically have your finger firmly on the pulse of anyone that is anybody on this planet. Tshirt Groove readers are the chosen ones.

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