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Technology T Shirts: if the design is about computers, smart phones, Apple, Microsoft, Google, or the like it falls into this category. Some good stuff in here.

do androids dream of electric sheep t shirt Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep T Shirt

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Ah, Philip K. Dick and the Android operating system mascot mashed together into a little t-shirt beauty. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I have to admit Google did a helluva job designing that Android dude. Very recongnizable and scalable and green. And Dick did a terrific job of writing the book that was then adapted into the movie Blade Runner.

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Spacebar T Shirt

by on July 22, 2012

space bar t shirt Spacebar T Shirt

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The thing I can’t figure out, is what that dude has on his sleeves? He’s drinking. He’s smoking. He’s in poor spirits. The barkeep is thinking, man this guy is drinking away the sorrow, and I can appreciate that, but if his head starts to hang any lower I’m going to have to cut him off. Hope he’s not driving. Then, he stares at those sleeves trying to figure out what the symbols mean, until someone calls him for a refill.

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escape key t shirt Escape Key T Shirt from Snorg Tees

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Wow. For all you keyboardists out there, here’s a super nerdy offering from Snorg Tees. You see that escape key is on the top left of the keyword kitty corner to the exclamation mark key. So, when the escape key decides to grow and groom and waxy mustache and go a little crazy, the exclamation point does what it does…it exclaims.

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gravity why are you always keeping me down t shirt Gravity Why Are You Always Keeping Me Down T Shirt from Snorg Tees

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That apple is just bumming and I would be too if, my life was as bad as his. One, he didn’t get picked off the tree. The only reason he exists is to get picked and eaten, but he didn’t, so he got old on the branches, then gravity got to him and he fell to the ground where he commenced to really rot. Not even the goats roaming around the orchard wanted to have anything to do with him.

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lets talk about potassium t shirt Lets Talk About Potassium K T Shirt from T Shirt Hell

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This is the least offensive and edgy design from T Shirt Hell I’ve ever seen. It’s like they’re testing the waters on a new kinder and gentler line. Either that or they’re taking the names of the people that order this shirt and blacklisting them, so they can never visit the site again. Like a cute little way to weed out the folks that just like clever, smart and cute designs. It just feels like the other shoe is going to drop on this design.

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baboon in motion t shirt Baboon in Motion T Shirt

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At first you think this shirt is another one of those goofy evolution t-shirts, where you see the typical evolution picture from caveman to upright citizen, then humanity slips back into a crouch as they hover over the latest iPad. But, this Baboon in Motion T shirt is not that.

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violin bot t shirt Violin Bot T Shirt from Design by Humans

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Now this is a technological development I can really get behind. Sometimes in a quiet moment, I’ll think to myself, technology really hasn’t made things better on a macro level. The human race really has a lot of work to do to clean up the mess that our unfettered technological advancements have created, polluting sky, earth, and water. But, then I came upon this Violin Bot T Shirt and a ray of light shown down upon me, as I thought to myself…robots playing live music, now that could be beautiful. Or maybe they’ll be way too technically proficient and have no soul, and it won’t ring true, and they’ll have some sort of EMF or carbon-based emission that pollutes even as it plays.

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science is a verb now t shirt Science Is a Verb Now T Shirt From Topatoco
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Hey, Science is a verb now. You better tell everybody in your circle, because it’s an important thing to know. Very important. So get this Science is a Verb Now T shirt designed by Questionable Content and you can easily deliver the message. People may ask questions, but awareness and questions and maybe even push back are the first steps to understanding and evolving.

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fake joy pandabot t shirt Pandabot T Shirt from Fakejoybuy now button yellow Pandabot T Shirt from FakejoyThat panda is totally taking over that vital piece of real estate in China with his Pandabot machine. Robots cannot deal with something that has all the strength of a robot, but all the intuitive sense of a panda bear. It’s a deadly combination as you can clearly see on this Pandabot T Shirt from Fakejoy.

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talkboy t shirt Talkboy T Shirt from Busted Tees

Available in Men's and Women's Sizes

buy now button yellow Talkboy T Shirt from Busted TeesWhat is that? A miniature tape recorder? Instead of a Walkman, which is for listening to stuff, you have a smaller unit called a Talkboy, which is for recording stuff. Pretty ingenious. And pretty 90s. Why does this Talkboy T Shirt exist? Busted Tees must have an ulterior motive for putting this out to the masses. Let me go check a few things.

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no one ever asks if i need help t shirt MS Paperclip No One Ever Asks If I Need Help T Shirt From Snorg Teesbuy now button yellow MS Paperclip No One Ever Asks If I Need Help T Shirt From Snorg TeesThis may be because you’re smothering with your helpfulness, Mr. Paperclip. Sometimes people just need some space to work things out on their own without you sliding into the picture and acting all smug like you have the answers to everything. This is the reason nobody is concerned for your well being. You’re overbearing. Now you’re crying and rusting yourself and wetting the paper. That’s a mess and you’re falling down on your duty.

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science it works t shirt Rocket Ship Science It Works from Busted Teesbuy now button yellow Rocket Ship Science It Works from Busted TeesIt’s kind of true that science does work and that the amazing discoveries of science have made the superstitious fairy tales of religion obsolete. Though, it’s probably 99% more entertaining to hear the creation story than it is to sit it rocket science 101. The sketchy thing about science is that much of it is beholden to corporate payout, so their research veers toward discoveries that can bring the most cash dollars rather than solving some of the very real problems of global warming, depletion of clean water resources, food production with chemicals, etc.

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