Star Wars T Shirts

Star Wars T Shirts: I had to break this out of the movies tag, so it could be its own world, because there are about 3 trillion Star Wars designs out there. Lots of good stuff if you’re a fan.

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Busting Star Wars’ balls a little bit. You don’t get that very often in this nerdy online world that we live in, but it’s a legit point. A long time ago but somehow in the future is a very curious and confusing way to start a movie.

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We Got Him T Shirt

by on November 11, 2012

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I think this design is traumatic for anyone who sees it. I mean this poor creature’s decapitated head lying in a pool of blood. Jar-Jar Binks was so beloved by all. Why do they say “we got him” like everybody wanted him to die. Just kidding. The Binks voice was almost as grating as the bullshit backward talk from Yoda in my book.

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Chewbacca Fur Hoodie

by on November 10, 2012

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You flip that hood on and people will think they entered the cinema dimension. You will look exactly like Chewbacca. Figure out how to work your glottis to get that haunted dying dog call, and somebody might call Disney to arrest you for impersonation.

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Han Solo doesn’t want to know the odds that C3PO has in his super-computer brain, because it would get him to thinking rather than reacting. And, when you’re flying important missions in the Millenium Falcon, you just need to let natural instincts take over. Either that or he’s being super dramatic to get into Leia’s pants.

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Vader T Shirt

by on October 19, 2012

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You could do a whole lot worse than stepping out this Halloween with a Vader t-shirt on. This one doesn’t come with a lightsaber or mask, but just you and the shirt and maybe some pants, and you’ll be appreciated on the best night of the year. You’ll get those knowing nods, the opposite sex will want to get with you, and 85% of your heart’s desires will be fulfilled.

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Can you run it in less than 12 seconds? That is the question when you enter the 35th Annual Kessel Run. And, most likely you can’t, because you’re a mere mortal. That kind of time can only be achieved by demi-gods like Hans Solo.

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Obiwan T Shirt

by on October 9, 2012

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How about this tee for a great option for your Halloween costumery. Get a light saber and a beard and you’re all set. Maybe a whiny little apprentice and an annoying green master and you have yourself one of the great group costumes of all time. People love Star Wars and they will love you and your friends for reminding them of that.

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Boom Box Darth Vader T Shirt

by on September 21, 2012

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Another lovely reference to fabulous Star Wars character Darth Vader. This time mashing up the evil lord with the iconic 80s ghetto imagery of an enormous beatbox on the shoulder.

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Death StaR2D2 T Shirt

by on September 18, 2012

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Nice little internal Star Wars mashup of the Deathstar and R2D2. You don’t often see this type of mashup, but when you do and it’s executed well like this one it’s hard not to be impressed.

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Get This Tee from 6 Dollar Shirts

There are about 72,000 shirts around this theme of a mourning Storm Trooper and the exact phrase, “I had friends on the Deathstar.” However, this design from 6 Dollar Shirts is pretty sweet looking. That Storm Trooper is wiping his helmet nose and covering his face, because he doesn’t want his mates seeing his tears.

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Get This Shirt from Five Finger Tees

If by greatest you mean, greatest evil force of all time that changed his ways at the end, then I can accept this premise. Otherwise, I’m thinking he was more like a deadbeat dad. Never around. Probably didn’t send child support. Tried to kill the kids whenever they came to visit. On balance not such a great father.

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Obey Vader T Shirt

by on August 12, 2012

Get This Shirt from Obey Vader

Nice little use of the ubiquitous Obey poster from Shepard Fairey that originally featured a close up of Andre the Giant. This is a natural extension of that idea using Darth Vader instead. This design comes from the shop by the same name Obey Vader, which you really need to visit if you’re in the market for t-shirts that feature Star Wars themes. Check it.

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