Star Wars T Shirts

Star Wars T Shirts: I had to break this out of the movies tag, so it could be its own world, because there are about 3 trillion Star Wars designs out there. Lots of good stuff if you’re a fan.

Darth Vader Pinata Tshirt

by on December 19, 2009

buy-tshirt-buttondarth-vader-pinata-shirtWhat you can’t see in this picture is that Darth just pushed aside five little children to get his chance at the pinata. It’s little known that Vader has a sweet tooth, and can’t wait to get at the candy that is making this innocent little papier-mache donkey burst at the seams.

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run-r2-tshirtCover their ears. Cover those kids’ ears. R2’s droppin’ profanity like NWA in their prime.

R2D2 is in a world of trouble and his golden pal C3PO is nowhere to be seen. Typical protocol droid bullshit. Thankfully, R2’s got some good karma and leads a charmed life. So, this big beastie doesn’t touch him and he ends up doing his part for the rebellion against the empire.

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This shirt rocks. Couldn’t have nailed the Star Wars look any better. And Hans Harrison has never looked so dashing as he does in this splayed leg killer solo pose. I often consider this shirt, as I’m sure the creators did. What if it said “Hans Solo?” Or what if didn’t have any text? Would that take it to the next level? We’ll never know, but the shirt is funny nonetheless.

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