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Sports T Shirts: The t-shirt design crowd is generally a snarky and unathletic bunch, so you get a lot of misdirection here, but there are some true sports fans pumping out cool tees remembering great games, franchises, and athletes.

Gump Vs. Rudy T Shirt

by on January 1, 2013

rudy vs gump t shirt Gump Vs. Rudy T Shirt

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Forest Gump went to Alabama and Rudy went to Notre Dame. There are the cinematic facts behind this shirt, which of course is in reference to the upcoming national championship game between the Crimson Tide and the Fighting Irish. If you’re on either side of this epic battle, and you enjoy iconic movies, then you probably want to pick up this design to help you remember January 7, 2013 in Miami, Florida.

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shamble to the cure zombie 5k t shirt Shamble to the Cure Zombie 5K T Shirt

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This is a funny design, and what makes it great is the word shamble. It’s not a zombie run, or zombie walk. It’s a zombie shamble, and that’s awesome. The bones sticking out always kind of gross me out, but this particular character seems to be alright. After all, he is calling this a race in his own special slurred speech way.

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god made your favorite team lose t shirt God Made Your Favorite Team Lose T Shirt

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Now there’s something that isn’t talked about enough. The separation of God and sports. It is pretty ludicrous to point to the heavens after you successfully run out a bunt single, ‘cuz in a seriousness…God doesn’t give a shit about your sporty efforts. True story. In fact, she gets so fed up with being called out as a fair weather fan, she has started flipping players off at stadiums across the nation.

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roe vs wade t shirt Roe (salmon eggs) Vs. (Dwyane) Wade T Shirt

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No. No. No. We’re not talking about Roe V. Wade and abortion here. We’re talking about a very odd Japanese gameshow that Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade competed in with Roe, the mobile salmon egg roll. There were all sorts of dubious athletic adventures in which they competed fairly evenly, but it was kind of cooked. It came down to the last event and lo and behold what should it be, but basketball…a game that Wade plays professionally. Still it was close, the Roe could ball, but DWade prevailed in the end.

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brooklyn til i die t shirt Brooklyn Til I Die T Shirt

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This comes from that Jay-Z and Kanye West song, but the lyric is poignant for all you Brooklynites out there. It’s your home. And you’re proud of it. You want people to know where you’re coming from and where you’re going and every road leads back home.

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I Remain Chi Town T Shirt

by on November 20, 2012

i remain chi town t shirt I Remain Chi Town T Shirt

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Is this what we’re talking about here? The Kanye West and Jay-Z song Gotta Have It? Is this what we’re talking about. ‘cuz mostly this seems like it’s for the Chicagoan’s out there, but one of those dudes says I Remain Chi Town but live in Brooklyn forever…which I don’t really understand. It’s probably Jay-Z and maybe he’s talkin’ about how he’s from Chicago, but he’s living in Brooklyn now overseeing his .02% stack in the Nets.

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Stillers T Shirt

by on November 20, 2012

stillers t shirt Stillers T Shirt

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At first I thought Ben Stiller had done so well with his Hollywood career that he stashed a steal mill load of cash with which to buy the Steelers. He, then, of course, in his funny way, changed the name of the team to the Stillers. The ultimate family legacy. Well that and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and Little Focker’s. Anyway, I had to look it up to see if this was the story, and…it’s not.

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America’s Team T Shirt

by on November 20, 2012

americas team t shirt Americas Team T Shirt

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Check out this The Loyalist offering. Either you’re 72% of the US population that hates the Dallas Cowboys or you’re the 28% that loves them. Are they still considered America’s team. I thought that was more in the glory days of the 70s. Wait, this is like a retro shirt, so it doesn’t matter what’s up with Jerry Jones and company today. This one is calling back Staubach, Landry, Dorsett, etc.

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incredible hulk hulkamania t shirt The Incredible Hulk Hogan T Shirt

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It’s Hulkamania with a twist of green anger. Yay! Tell you something brother…I’m always angry. This is even more delicious when you think about all the salacious affair details that have graced our news sources like irritating toilet bowl floaters.

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beacon hill lacrosse t shirt Beacon Hills Lacrosse T Shirt

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Teen Wolf of course. I thought the game in Teen Wolf was basketball. Wait, is that a Teen Wolf TV show with lacrosse instead. If that’s true, that’s the worst thing to ever happen to humanity. Unless, of course, you like the show, and really want to buy this shirt. Then, I think you need to do what you gotta do.

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MMA Fightin Dudes T Shirt

by on November 3, 2012

fighting dudes t shirt MMA Fightin Dudes T Shirt

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D4N13L got the runner-up prize for this design he submitted to the Cage Potato contest. It’s no wonder, because it’s pretty damn cool. I love the angular back of the head, the huge feet, the eyebrow and the stance. This dude means business.

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nordic walleye t shirt Nordic Walleye Minnesota Vikings T Shirt

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Hey, the Minnesota Vikings haven’t been relevant in football for a long time. Maybe they had a glimmer here and there but really they are going nowhere, so why not have some fun with the mascot and the colors and create a Walleye wearing the Viking helmet and blonde braids. If that’s not pure Minnesotan to its core, I don’t know what is.

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