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Sports T Shirts: The t-shirt design crowd is generally a snarky and unathletic bunch, so you get a lot of misdirection here, but there are some true sports fans pumping out cool tees remembering great games, franchises, and athletes.

El Sluto Tshirt

by on April 18, 2010

I’m liking the mix of Mexican Wresting (Lucha Libre), the English aesthetic, and hand-drawn poster art. This is a good shirt and you should probably get El Sluto Mexican Wrestling Tshirt, just to a have a little taste of the glory. Remember to use the code TSHIRTGROOVE to get a 15% discount on your purchase.

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Sad but true. Nobody really cares about the Winter Olympics. No hard feelings Vancouver. It’s not your fault, although the warm weather and slushy conditions aren’t helping. Maybe you should make a quick switcheroo and move the games to the frozen tundra of Atlanta or perhaps some serious skiing down the Washington Monument in D.C.

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I’m pretty sure this shirt wasn’t produced in response to the Tiger Woods saga, but I think it fits perfectly. I’d give the general pool $5 if Tiger just said fuck it…I am what I am…added his name to the entry list at the next tournament and dawned this head band instead of the bullshit Nike golf cap.

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There come a time in everybody’s life when you just have to get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Unsafe working conditions will tear you down, make you miserable, and put you in certain danger. I’m proud of this bowling pin for going on strike. Hopefully, his nine co-workers have joined him, but even if they haven’t he deserves applaud and support. Yeah, the sport of bowling provides fun and pleasure for thousands and thousands of folks across the planet. Yes, it’s a beautiful excuse for fellowship, drunkenness and funky shoes.  But, at what cost…I ask. I ask you, at what cost. That smooth hard 12 pounder flying down that slick alley with one goal, knock the bejeezus out of the those poor pins, who just keep getting forcibly set back in place to take the punishment over and over again.

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Shuttledick Tshirt

by on September 19, 2009

shuttledick-tshirtImportant public service announcement. The World Badminton Federation has made a crucial change to the name of it’s most important piece of equipment. The shuttlecock is now the shuttledick. Obviously, this sort of change is not made glibly. There were many meetings of the Board of Directors and the important figures in the badminton world, and they came to the conclusion that they needed to make the name of the birdie less offensive to the modern sensibilities and obviously replacing “dick” with “cock” achieves just that.

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judont-no-who-youre-messing-with-tshirtWhen you have martial arts skills, sometimes you need to give people clues on this, because really, who wants to be messing people up all the time. Diplomacy is often the best policy, so if you Judo with the best of them, but want to save some of the messy casualties and probably a ripped pair of slacks or two, just tell the potential annoyances what’s up from the get go.

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drunk-yelling-tshirtJust a snifter of brandy. A splash of sherry. A fifth of Jack. And a re-run of TJ Hooker. TV can be very irritating when you’re two sails to the wind and heading for a massive hangover in the morning.

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jesus-bowling-big-lebowski-tshirtJesus Quintana was a bad ass bowler in the League. You tell me you’re not shit scared when he lines up his shot and licks the ball. This dude means business. I mean he pretty much sums it up:

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running-with-the-devil-teeMan that devil sure knows how to run a 10K. Starts out fast, puts the pressure on the entire field then out kicks those that dare hang ’til the end. Note the streamlined goatee. The devil ain’t going to shave that thing for completely streamlined face, because he knows that the additional fear he puts into the hearts of his compitition with that sinister facial hair is worth way more than a couple of nanoseconds of wind resistance.

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quien-es-mas-macho-tshirtObviously, when it comes right down to being a man, this is the most important question. Who has the best taste in salsa music? And, to ramp up the stakes and show your true skill, please wear one of those old time leather helmets like Clooney wore in that horrible movie I didn’t see.

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be-like-mike-phelps-with-bong-tshirtNot sure I want to share a bong session with the guy possessing the biggest lungs on the planet. Dude would huff the entire bowl in one big inhale. Still, I guess if I’m hangin’ with Michael Phelps, I’m feeling pretty cool.

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poker-anonymous-i-bet-i-can-quit-tshirtNow, see this is like a trick question, because this person could probably easily quit poker, as long as he has the horses and a direct line to the sports book at The Mirage, and perhaps some dice and maybe any little bet scenario, like whether or not the fat kid is going to pick his nose before he gets picked up by his mom.

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