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Sports T Shirts: The t-shirt design crowd is generally a snarky and unathletic bunch, so you get a lot of misdirection here, but there are some true sports fans pumping out cool tees remembering great games, franchises, and athletes.

DrinkStrong T Shirt

by on September 19, 2010

A little play on the LiveStrong, Lance Armstrong, fight against cancer yellow silicon bands, and accompanying merchandise. This here is what you call a drinking shirt, which is a fine thing to wear when you go out to the bar or club.

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Happy 1st Sunday of the NFL season day. This is like a major holiday for football fans. Now, let’s relate this important day in professional football to t shirts, because that’s what I do.

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Best Funny Football T Shirts

by on September 12, 2010

Football occasionally lends itself to some fine humor and that humor sometimes finds itself on a funny t shirt. Below is a list of the top funny football t shirts available for sale. Enjoy!

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There are quite a few shirts like this that sort of harken back to Animal House and Bluto’s “College” Tee. Just generic messaging that really says, I don’t give a shit about school spirit or the local team or even my school’s sports teams.

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Hey check it…a little sporty misdirection. You know you like sports and misdirection is huge in sports execution, so this is for you. Actually, you would probably also like to wear this shirt if you hated sports because you’re basically saying baseball, football, whatever…I don’t care.

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Shaq and Hoopz

by on August 25, 2010

Is Shaq just playin’ Hoopz or is he for real with this marriage proposal? The prevalent thought is that Shaq really hasn’t played hoops in a few years, so he’s probably sincere in his declaration of love for the reality TV star. Wait, Shaquille O’Neal is hangin’ with reality TV star, Nicole Alexander, who is nicknamed Hoopz.

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Ok, there’s nothing funny to say about  Erica Blasberg, LPGA golfer, committing suicide. In fact, this is the type of story that makes you reflect about the relative value of sports. Is it too much pressure to perform for our young people? Okay, you’re not reflecting are you. You’re salivating at the thought of football starting in a few weeks. Anyway, we should be taking a minute to reflect on some of the uglier consequences of our hyper-competitive culture. But, I guess the whole “you’re defined by the company you keep” is pretty much right on in my case.

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I have no idea how long this sale is going to last, but you can pick up one of my favorite funny tshirts for $9: Fantasy Football Wizard T shirt. You have to love this shirt and for $9 how can you pass it up, especially with the NFL season fast approaching. Get this shirt, because it’s wicked funny, and you’ll be the coolest broseph at your fantasy football auction. Do it.

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This photo gallery from Sports Illustrated is pretty entertaining. I like the first one where golfer, Corey Pavin gets in the face of Jim Gray. Then they had a slap fight, except no one landed any and they both ended up on their backs huffing and puffing. I might have made that last part up, but that’s what I expect from a golfer and Jim Gray.

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from The Daily Caller:

“‘To the city of Cleveland, my fans in Cleveland, my fans in northeast Ohio,” said James, “I want to say thank you for the last seven years and the years that continue to go in the future.’”

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from ShowBizSpy

“FORMER boxing champion Mike Tyson admits he accepted a role in hit film The Hangover because he needed the money to fund his drug habit.”

My first thought is it’s a heckuva lot better than sucking a dick and probably paid more too. He was a terrific casting decision, so I’d have to say it was a win-win. Plus, Iron Mike probably got enough dough for the cameo that he was able to ramp up the narcotic consumption, which eventually led him to rehab and go on a strictly Vegan diet.

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from Below the Beltway

“As the ball took flight, arcing toward center field, Alex Rodriguez jogged toward first base with his hands outstretched, his palms up. It is the universal body language for “What did I do?” but Rodriguez knew exactly what he had just done. His chase for 600 career home runs had lasted 12 games and 46 at-bats, but it was finally over.”

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