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Sports T Shirts: The t-shirt design crowd is generally a snarky and unathletic bunch, so you get a lot of misdirection here, but there are some true sports fans pumping out cool tees remembering great games, franchises, and athletes.

The NBA Finals ended a couple of weeks ago, but the star of the NBA champions, Dirk Nowitzki, still has pull in the tee shirt scene. The Hangover 2 was released nearly a month ago, yet there’s no end in site to the popularity of shirts inspired by the summer’s best comedy. And, in an odd rise, a very old Communist Party parody t shirt has picked up a second wind. People want that thing.

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If you want to make sure the ladies know you work out all the time, then this I Skipped the Gym For This T Shirt is perfect. Plus, it also lets them know that you have a discerning taste in events, and if they’re not up to your standards you will have a bit of a sneer, because you’re better than that. Some gals will be put off by this attitude but shrinking violets are not what you’re looking for. You’re looking for the hot women that have that perpetual “I just smelled cat feces” look, because they too are very difficult to please.

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Dirk Nowitzki got MVP for leading the Dallas Mavericks to a 4-2 series victory over the Miami Heat in the NBA finals. Good for him. He’s been through a lot of crap, including losing the 2006 NBA Finals to the Heat after leading 2-0 and having a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter of game three. Then, the team choked in the playoffs as the number one seed losing to eighth-seeded Golden State. Plus, there was the deal with his stripper girlfriend very publicly trying to game him. But, he’s persevered and he made it through with the team he started with. Great story.

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This is just funny because “professional” wrestling is hilarious to me. Huge ‘roided up dues in Speedos, thigh high boots, feathered hair, and barb-wire bicep tattoos. Ridiculously hilarious. And, nobody was more goofy hilarious than the perfectly tanned, bleach blonde Hulk Hogan.

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I find this shirt funny because of the gravity of the language and the devotion to the fallen hero who lead his Ohio State Buckeyes to great success on the grid iron, including a national championship in 2002, but he cheated while doing it. So, I know Donkey Tees is located in Ohio and has much respect for a man that coached OSU to a 106-22 record, but the school reputation has been sullied, so I have no sympathy.

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Well, sometimes you have to call a redneck a redneck, and this Redneck T Shirt does a fine job of it. If you watch NASCAR, you are officially a redneck, and there’s no argument. You could have just moved from the trailer park to the suburbs but if you enjoy NASCAR, you are a redneck. Wait, what the hell am I, Jeff Foxworthy? I think both those that enjoy car racing and those that mock racing will both equally cotton to this fine tee from Deez Teez.

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What you have here is Sasquatch or Big Foot riding a skateboard with a red, white and blue headband, which recalls the halcyon days of tennis when Bjorn Borg ruled. He had long hippie 70s hair and a scraggly beard and battled with McEnroe and Connors. He won some of the biggies and he was hairy and why PalmerCash has combined the tennis player, and skateboarding and Big Foot is a big mystery that I have no idea where to start unraveling.

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This is a big wave surfing photograph by famed surf photographer Sean Davey. It’s such an awe-inspiring photo, you really need nothing else on the Big Step Big Wave T Shirt.

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This is one of those optical illusions. People are going to pass by you on the street, see that animal clawing at your chest and jump back in fright, thinking that you’re getting ripped to pieces by a mini black and white tiger. This is priceless entertainment, which is why I recommend that you buy this Tiger Uppercut T Shirt no matter how much 604 Republic sells it for.

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Soul Surfer T Shirt

by on May 15, 2011

Here’s a movie about the surfer girl, Bethany Hamilton, who lost an arm to a shark while surfing, but decided it was a good idea to continue surfing.

Of course, Wikipedia says the term soul surfing cropped up in the 1960s as describing surfing for the shear pleasure of surfing. This was before bullshit billabong surf competitions. Or apparel lines. Or groupies. Surfing for surfings sake.

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Halo The Chiefs

by on May 11, 2011

Mashup between the Halo helmet and a football helmet, and I’m going to throw in the hockey movie called The Chiefs. Of course, I don’t think 604 Republic has a particular passion for the Kansas City football team, especially since they’re from Canada, but they probably know quite well that the Spartan super soldier dude that fights the bad guys in Halo is called Master Chief.

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I totally know some stuff about bowling and I have to say this Spare T Shirt doesn’t make a lick of sense, and in some ways that appeals to me.

I love the way the bowling bowl is walking off with two fluttery-eyed pins and leaving one (the spare) behind. It has to be extra tough on the one that got left behind because she knows she looks exactly the same as the others and it must have been the personality that turned Mr. Bowling Ball off. Or maybe it was just the luck of the draw, and she pulled the short straw. Anyways, if that was only the first roll, she may still get picked up and that’s where the spare comes in.

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