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Snorg Tees is one of the top dogs in the funny t shirt business. They consistently pump out a terrific selection of pop culture gems.

id-hit-that-tshirtI hate to even bring this card to the attention of all the millions of faithful readers, because cards and sex is usually the wrong thing to do. But, when it comes to the time-honored tradition of playing on words, showing 11 at the blackjack table and saying you’d hit it, which is absolutely the right play, is quite humorous. It tickles the fancy fo’ sho’.

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i-made-you-a-camera-phone-tshirtWhat a genuine, kind gesture. Who wouldn’t want to accept such a thoughtful gift painstakingly crafted from lovingly stolen equipment. I’m thinking that 35 millimeter camera is an actual film camera stolen from the fine arts department at the local community college. And, that cellie from the turn of the century was certainly ganked from the front seat of that Taurus in front of the greasy spoon breakfast place. All of which, just makes this duct-taped amalgam even more precious. Accept for god’s sake. Accept the gift. Or at least buy the tshirt: I Made You a Camera Phone.

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i-was-not-aware-that-the-bird-is-the-word-teeThis is a funny response to a very nonsensical song from the 60s. Do the kiddies these days even know what this song is? I suppose everybody has heard it. I don’t even know how radio works these days, since I never listen to it. Are there oldies stations? Do people under 21 sing “bapa oum mao mao, bapa oum mao mao?” Perhaps the song is in a commercial or some such thing, giving it continued relevance this day and age.  First, get yourself acquainted with The Trashmen’s classic song Surfin’ Bird from 1963.

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Jason is totally bummed. He looked at his calendar a little too quickly yesterday. Got up totally excited today. Put on his proper gear for maiming and mutilating and just as he’s about to go out the door he passes his wall calendar and discovers it’s Friday the Twelveth.

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smile-not-wearing-undies-tshirtYou should always really just cut to the chase. Don’t beat around the bush. Obfuscate. Hem and Haw. Just say/ask what you mean. If you really want to know what undergarments the person you’re talking to is wearing or not wearing, simply ask point blank.

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i-pull-out-tshirtLet me say this right now. I’m not braggin’ about this. I’ve been on the passing end of a conception reception a couple-three times with this brilliant birth control method, so if this is your big plan to avoid becoming big daddy, you may want to take a moment and weigh the pros and cons.

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im-kind-of-a-big-deal-tshirt_large This tshirt is universally adored, just like Ron Burgundy’s mustache, so it must have its own post on Tshirt Groove. It’s a classic…in fact I think it was the first funny t shirt ever put on the market. How about that for some interesting e-commerce tid bits.

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textually-active-tshirtHey, it’s good to let the singles in the bar know what’s goin’ on right from the get go. If you hook up this evening you will for sure get their digits and hit ’em up with text messages…all the time.

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the-evolution-of-rock-tshirtThis is funny. It’s almost too cute, but treads that fine line between terrific humor and smarmy bullshit. And, plus, it’s funny because it’s true. From cradle to rock ‘n roll to rocking chair. Ah, the never-ending cycle of life.

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Little known disease outside of the mathematician world. Alcoholism mixed with deriving = mathaholderitivism. Very serious issue that comes with the pressures and making numbers make sense. Plus, you have all those socially inept geniuses with their noses in their numbers all day every day, and they don’t get out much and things becoming imbalanced and you see a lot of this.
Again not as well publicized as other much reported issues like botanists, alcohol and watching Jeopardy, or the agronomists with their whiskey and spelt flour and the like, but just as devastating for the friends and families.
Please spread the word. Help people help themselves. Buy and wear Never Drink and Derive tshirt.

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Royal party dude. It’s good to be King. The humor is in the details. One, top king is giving the devil rocks sign. Two, the beer is labeled XXX, which is what a lot of unnamed liquor is called, but it’s still funny. Oh, and I guess the fact that the King of Spades split personality is hooking it up with the instant buzz is kinda hilarious as well.

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Celebrate the season. Give thanks. Be with friends and family. Eat well. Drink well. Throw the football around in the snow. Play Sorry or Monopoly.

And, by all means, eat pumpkin pie and draw turkeys on construction paper with the outline of your hand. That, my friends, is a perfect Thanksgiving. Go and do likewise.

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