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Snorg Tees is one of the top dogs in the funny t shirt business. They consistently pump out a terrific selection of pop culture gems.

wolf-shirts-are-awesome-teeSometimes it’s good to be a visionary, prophet, and subverter. On the other hand, sometimes it’s good to go with the status quo. Some things are popular or cliché or ubiquitous because they are awesome and everybody knows it. You can wear your Pop Rocks tshirts every once in a while. And sure obscure Star Wars references are cool, but for your solid everyday where do not sleep on wolf shirts.

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abide-teeThe Dude abides. Sometimes it is the simple reminders that are the most powerful and effective. Sometimes from the mouths of comic actors and the pens of writers of comedy, you get the wisdom of life. The knowledge. The code and the creed.

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be-excellent-to-each-other-tshirtAbe Lincoln knows. And you knew he knew. Freeing the slaves. Gettysburg address. The sweet fashion sense…stovepipe hat anyone. And the facial hair. I’m also pretty sure he rocked the tribal tats, which could be seen far and wide when choppin’ wood without his shirt on.

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nuclear-evolution-tshirtWhat you do is go ahead and get this Nuclear Evolution Shirt. Then, you make it a point to where it wherever you’re certain there will be nuclear power proponents. Here’s why. Yeah, it’s a cleaner burning and generating fuel, but there’s this nasty shit that comes from the development process that has a half life of like 32 bazillion years.

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your-mother-was-a-hamster-tshirtNothing like quotes from classic comedies upon your chest. So, get thee to your wallet. Pull out your plastic and buy this shirt, you English pig dog. Boil your bottom. Of course, I’m French, where do you think I got this outrageous accent.

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abstinence-99.99-effective-tshirtThat’s a pretty good batting average for abstinence so I’m not going to rub it in the evangelical’s and fundamentalist’s faces. But, it does throw the whole unwanted pregnancy, abortion, Roe vs. Wade, condoms, pope, adoption thing out of whack slightly, when the one out of a billion conceptions from abstinence turns out to be the Messiah.

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Radical Tshirt

by on June 8, 2009

radical-teeThis is another one for all you math whiz geeks out there. And you know with this economy, only those with the arithmetic skillz are makin’ bank. Everybody else…keepin’ their heads above water.

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im-on-a-boat-tshirtYou absolutely know you’ve arrived when you’re on a yacht meandering around various glamorous bodies of water. Now, if there’s a rapper dude with dreads and a stove pipe hat with you, then you’ve absolutely taken it to the next level. [check out the I’m on a boat vid]

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judont-no-who-youre-messing-with-tshirtWhen you have martial arts skills, sometimes you need to give people clues on this, because really, who wants to be messing people up all the time. Diplomacy is often the best policy, so if you Judo with the best of them, but want to save some of the messy casualties and probably a ripped pair of slacks or two, just tell the potential annoyances what’s up from the get go.

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i-am-mclovin-tshirtJust wearing this tshirt gets you so far in life. There are those A personalities striving so hard. Going to medical school, taking monster class loads, working 80+ hours a week, cleaning out the toaster after every use. Then there are those the work smarter not harder, by purchasing the I am McLovin tee, wearing it and garnering all the adulation and bennies that comes with such a wise, prudent and brilliant fashion decision.

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thats-what-she-said-tshirtThe all purpose line of hilarity. Admit it. You can’t get enough of the That’s What She Said jokes. In fact, it’s the only reason you watch The Office. The ultimate is when you can get your Mom or Gramma to join in the fun during family gatherings, especially sacred times such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

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knowing-is-half-the-battle-the-other-half-is-violence-tshirtKnowledge is power. Violence is power. Exponential mass blow you away benefits if you combine the two. Like for instance. If the US had the knowledge going in to the Iraq thing, they actually would have never done it and there would never have been any violence against US soldiers. Oh wait…bad example. OK, sending a shitload more troops to Afganistan is knowledgeable because we all know from past experience (can you say Soviet quagmire) that there’s no way in hell that you can flush out bad guys in that mountainous terrain, nor find them in the populated zones…so bust out the violence. Oh wait, another poor example.

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