Snorg Tees

Snorg Tees is one of the top dogs in the funny t shirt business. They consistently pump out a terrific selection of pop culture gems.

in-case-of-zombies-break-glass-tshirtPSA time kiddies. This is a very real danger and should be addressed up front with proper planning. Each school in the great country of ours should be outfitted with this emergency equipment, along with day care centers, shopping centers, churches, and your grandma’s house.

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shark-juggle-shark-weld-teeYou know this doesn’t happen overnight. These sharks have been stakeouts on these wanna-be Jacques Cousteau’s for months. They always say sharks are loners, but that’s a disinfo campaign to throw off documentarians like the pour soul in the cage of doom.

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Chinchillin’ T-Shirt

by on October 5, 2009

chinchillin-t-shirtYou know that the chinchilla is the only four-legged mammal in North America that smokes weed. That’s right chinchillas are stoned most of the time if they can help it. They prefer marijuana enchilada sauce and mary jane’s cupcakes, but if they gotta smoke it they will.

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if-there-is-a-problem-yo-ill-solve-it-teeYo, this is an ice ice vanilla ice baby charicature and that’s awesome, because when it comes right down to it, he’s no smarter than the chalk used to write up that little differential equation on the board. So, he’s comin’ in with all the bluster, but after a sec with arms crossed, his gonna shift the weight to the other white-pants-clad hip, then he’s going to smooth over that rooster hair, and he’s still gonna have nothin’.

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Jawesome Shirt

by on September 15, 2009

jawesome-shirtI’m morally opposed to promoting this travesty of a shirt. Are you kidding me? This cinematic devil fish killed multiple people, put the dark fear in the hearts of an entire township, and portrayed Richard Dreyfuss as an Ahab-like nutter. Plus, this movie adaption of a best selling book,  scared the shit out of a poor five-year-old boy…namely me.

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BRB-tshirt-jesus-a-comin-backNever quite seen Jesus look like this. Kind of a longish nose and a definite sneer, like it’s all planned out m-f’ers. You got me this time, but I’ll Be Right Back (BRB). Get it. And, hell, it’s gonna be sooner than later the way things are goin’. Don’t believe the green shoots nonsense, the economy has much further to sink…perhaps to a point of sanity and equilibrium.

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cant-touch-this-equation-tee-shirtMC Hammer would be rolling in his grave if he saw this shirt. I mean his shit was pure feeling and rhythm and movement. Not graph paper and equations, horned rimmed glasses and slide rules. Actually, now that I think about it. Parachute pants and diagonally cut sleeves are pretty mathematical and, when I write the word “slide” all I can think of his Hammertime moves. So…Mr. Hammer is probably smiling down upon us.

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Geology Rocks T shirt

by on September 1, 2009

geology-rocks-tshirtA little tip for you high schoolers getting’ prepped for the institute of higher learning. Figure out what you like to study, then go study it. Nothing is cooler than waking up fired up ready to go read a book or study some rocks or how to properly blow a coaches whistle.

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i-cant-hear-you-over-the-sound-of-how-epic-i-am-teeshirtThe din of epicness coming off the most epic of us, is amazingly overwhelming. There are only a few around where the sound is almost unbearable. The suck the air out of the room upon entrance. They shake up crowds. They are the chosen leaders among us and they are epic. If you are such a creature of power and amazingness, then you are obligated to wear this shirt. Consider it comparable to the purple and gold of the monarch. It is the uniform of the elite.

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censorship-is-very-in-tshirtCensorship has buzz. Censorship is hot. It’s the rage. Get in on it before it gets old and crusty. Don’t let people express themselves fully. Be there with the marker and scratch out the less flattering parts. It’s much easier to have a much smaller range of expression. It’s cleaner. It’s way more efficient in terms of policing.

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i-have-not-yet-begun-to-procrastinate-teeThis is a cute play on words with sort of a stilted type of English that makes it even geekier and funnier. If you like a little geeky, a little funny, and a little tweak to the nose of the “A” personality doers then there’s a shirt for you and it’s called…

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