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Snorg Tees is one of the top dogs in the funny t shirt business. They consistently pump out a terrific selection of pop culture gems.

You’ve seen the charts in the stuffy museums that litter all the urban centers in this fine country of ours. How big were the dinosaurs, well what better way to figure that out than compare their size to a common man. Add some horizontal lines and all of a sudden even the dullest child can get a relative idea of how truly large the beasts were.

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A little switch up on the He-Man by the Power of Greyskull. Pretty clever. Pretty nice. I like the image on the shirt, a little skull with a yellow hard hat and some lightening. Dude. Don’t mess with electricity, it is very powerful and it can fry your little brains out, or it can turn you into a Master of the Universe. Not sure you want to take that chance. May be safer just to get the Greyskull Power Company T Shirt and wear it often.

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Thesaurus Dinosaur T Shirt

by on November 11, 2010

I have to admit I kind of always ignored this shirt, but let me tell you what, the more I think about it,  the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s clever, funny, and, of course, it features a nerdy dinosaur, which is totally and thoroughly excellent.

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I remember it being the Paper Street Soap Company. I don’t remember it being the Paper Street Fight Club. I thought there was a separation between work and hobby (beating men to a bloody pulp). But, I could be remembering wrong. It’s been a while since I read the book and watched the film. Maybe I’ll need to check it out again soon.

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Wordplay. Wordplay. But, before I get to deep into the meaning of this fine shirt, can I ask a favor of Snorg Tees. Please don’t put your models in such unfortunate circumstances as you have put poor young Marissa Pierce. I mean, lighting some little tinder is cool, especially in conjunction with this shirt, but the look on this beautiful girl’s face is not becoming. It looks like it’s taking all of her mental powers to put flame to stick or bark or whatever. Tongue out in a truly durr facial expression moment. Did you have to go with that one? You couldn’t look at the shot as you were going and say, let’s try another one with you lighting the wood. Oh well. It’s actually kind of cool that you ran a not so perfect pose to promote this killer Pyros of the World Ignite T Shirt.

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Can anybody get enough Ninja stuff? I can’t because it’s mysterious and funny all wrapped up into one. I wonder who started using ninja for humor, because that person deserves a hearty pat on the back and a two-handed handshake and a frosty mug of kombucha drink.

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Admiral Ackbar figured out it was a trap. Billy Dee Williams was making some excellent decisions despite being stickin’ drunk from the 6-pack of Colt 44s he drank. Very exciting part of the Return of the Jedi movie. Krylov223 on Youtube explains it like this:

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Nice little twist on the bumper sticker that says if you can read this you’re too damn close or some such thing. Basically, in the nanosecond it takes for you to read the words and for your brain to comprehend them, you have that sword slicing through the air toward your neck. Time slows down as you can’t even get out a scream, and, thunk, your head is on the ground and the ninja skips off silently…job done.

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Another completely silly offering from Snorg Tees today. This one is pretty cute. I’m not personally into wearing overly cute t shirts, but this one is close to being something I’d wear as I was dressing to impressing. It has some good qualities:

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This is pure silliness. Bridge got crossed and as a result broke up and threw cars in the body of water that it spans. I guess there are those that are quite self destructive as they try to retaliate for perceived slights. This is what this bridge has done. Of course, not sure where the bridge got his nasty looking knife with the hook on the end. Is there a story there that I’m missing? Could be.

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This is a really spectacular shirt. I’m pretty sure that’s a business man with a neon green fanny pack on. The design style is like those iPod ads, where the person is a silhouette and the product is highlighted in vivid color. The next beautiful part of the Jealous Fanny Pack T Shirt is the fact that it asks if you are jealous.

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Dude, can you get enough Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Sacha Baron Cohen in your life? Pretty much a rhetorical question because the obvious answer is “no, you can not get enough of these three comic geniuses in your life,” which is why I have done you two huge favors. One, I’ve brought this Shake & Bake That Just Happened T Shirt and two, I’m giving you the clip from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, which will make you chuckle. Your welcome.

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