Snorg Tees

Snorg Tees is one of the top dogs in the funny t shirt business. They consistently pump out a terrific selection of pop culture gems.

Massive wordplay going on here. Basically, it’s a double wordplay. And it’s cute. What’s not to like about cute wordplay. And what could be better. Maybe ugly foreplay, but that’s about it. Anyways…you know Beatrix Potter was a huge boozer. Yeah, she always talked about drinking tea, but that was for the kids. She probably had a stack of manuscripts for adults with Peter the Rabbit in far different scenarios, including starting his own brew pub and serving frogs and hedgehogs, and serving out of the most precious little mugs, and smoking hashish…but, unfortunately Ms. Potter passed away before she could consent to having those works printed. Masterful I’m sure…just like her work for the youth.

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This is the official V.85 Flux Capacitor Gigawatts Not Included Brown Patents T Shirt that you have been waiting your whole life for. At least since 1985 when the original movie came out.

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This is the shirt featuring duct tape that infers it is the go to fix it product for all lazy people that have no skills with real tools. It’s funny because when you hear someone say they’re going to get the tool kit to fix the leaky faucet, and they come back with a cob web covered roll of duct tape, you are surprised and bemused. Of course, if it’s the handyman at your apartment complex and the last time he came to “fix” something all of your under garments were destroyed, then this Duct Tape Tool Kit T Shirt may not be so funny.

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Apparently there was a movie in theaters in 1993 called The Sandlot that starred a chubby little ginger, who always said “You’re Killin’ Me Smalls.” Smalls was one of his peers, and seemed to continually flub stuff up. And, here we are in 2011, 18 years later talking about this movie, and quoting one of the lines on a shirt. Pretty amazing the staying power of good Hollywood dialogue. Anyways, if this is one of your faves. If you thoroughly enjoyed this flick when you were in your mother’s womb, then you really should get the You’re Killin’ Me Smalls T Shirt.

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Wow. What an unbelievably positive message. Life brings challenges, but if you can face them with a positive attitude, and flip your tie back over your shoulder, and scream at the top of your lungs “bring it on,” and flex your biceps vigorously in that hunched over position, and wear this Challenge Accepted T Shirt, you are going to overcome the challenges. You are going to succeed. Dare I say it…you will be a winner!

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Okay…so the red shirts were characters that showed up in Star Trek for a very brief time before meeting their unseemly demise. Thus, you have this Live Fast Die Red T Shirt. It’s kind of a goofy concept. Why would you need to demarcate those that won’t be in the show longer than that episode. You can’t have a one-and-done character in green? I don’t really get it, but I guess it keeps the viewer informed, so that they don’t grow attached to the character. Because that my friend is a recipe for deep, dark sadness and despair.

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Sigmund really took a classic dive slipping on that banana peel and calling out Mommy. Falling is so weird. Your body goes into preservation mode so you drop everything in order to break your fall. In this case, Freud dropped his pipe and his briefcase, which actually has some of the first versions of sex toys. Wooden anal beads, wooden dildo, etc.

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This is funny. Someone got all done up for Easter Sunday, and the puritanical stick in the mud with no flava tells her she looks like a hussy. That’s a life defining moment. Either she stands up and tells the white egg off and walks out never to be seen again. Or she wilts, crys, smears the coloring, and becomes a beaten person with barely registering life force. I’m anxious to see what happens, except that this You Look Like a Hussy T Shirt is a snap shot in time, and doesn’t tell the entire narrative.

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I think this wordplay humor may be a little too sophisticated even for my super sophisticated sense of the comedic. Do writers do it literally, because they type the word on the page? Or is it supposed to be literarily. Or hell I don’t even know, but that’s why I like Writers Do It Literally T Shirt. It may very well make no sense, or it may make all the sense in the world after six years of wash and wear, like one sunny Saturday afternoon you’re just sitting there in the middle of the yard with a dandelion stuck in your nose, and boom, the brilliance of Snorg Tees hits you in that moment.

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This poor little piggy has been so traumatized on the farm by this chicken hawk, bird of prey, evil cardinal, I don’t even know what…but the family is shelling out like $95 a session to get that pigs head back on straight. And, he’s having a tough time laying on the couch, recounting his fears and experiences, cry like a baby, all the while this Freud dude is cooly taking notes and asking probing questions.

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This polar bear is enjoying a cheese burger if I’m not mistaken and that makes him an omnivore, because that’s both meat and vegetable going on right there. Of course, this I’m An Om Nom Nom Ivore T Shirt has a second layer and that’s the whole nom nom nom phenomenon that is supposed to represent eating vigorously with much gusto. It certainly fits in this instance, because that burger is damn tasty even if his mom made it.

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Olive You T Shirt

by on April 4, 2011

Cute little word/image play going on here. But, the trouble I see is this: the only reason anybody wears any of these kooky shirts is as an ice breaker in social situations. It’s something to talk about. And, if you bust out with the Olive You T Shirt, which is a wordplay on I Love You in case you hadn’t figured that out, then you’re going to scare people off or attract a bunch of relationship hungry freaks. You may argue…no, no, no, I’m actually going to give this shirt from Snorg Tees to my significant other. And, again, I’m going to have to challenge your methodology. Yeah, when she opens the box and it’s these cute olives with the snuggly message you may get laid a couple of times or at least a firm spooning, but after that she’s wearing that shirt to class, to the bar on girl’s night out, to work out…and she’s sending this message to all the dudes within a 25 foot radius.

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