Sex T Shirts

Sex T Shirts are those featuring innuendo, straight up sex talk, and any of the sex positions. Also, boobies figure prominently in this section.


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What? Hide the women and children. This is as blue as you can get during the Xmas season. What kind of dirty uncle is going to wear this to the family gathering and cause the poor children great distress, as they grapple with the placement of the carrot. And think of the moms. How will they explain?

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Pin Up Girl T Shirt

by on December 16, 2012


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Man that’s a sexy girl and a cute interpretation of the old school phrase Pin Up Girl. I suppose having the real thing versus a calendar or poster is the best, though you will probably need some special hardware to make it work properly. That girl is voluptuous, so a regular thumb tack and cork board just isn’t going to be able to handle it.

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Interesting message. We all have a price. We all put aside our values, dignity, honor, self-respect to get things we want, including, often, a paycheck. It’s true. We are all prostitutes in one way or other. And, this artwork with the sexy woman with a dinosaur head really hammers home the point, especially with the mishmashed garb, and the see-through bodice. Makes me feel like a prostitute just looking at it.

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S&M Pinata T Shirt

by on December 7, 2012

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Riding crop, leather, chains, buckles, spikes, zippers and earrings…this little pinata is ready to get busy. Hate to see what comes out when you hit too hard. Different kind of candy if you know what I mean. Wait, what? You don’t know what I mean. Well, a different kind of candy, like maybe baked goods in lycra and chocolate mousse in latex.

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I’m not sure where this is going, but I’m guessing that shirt of yours is going to be lying on the floor somewhere. If that happens, can you promise me to throw it on the ground neatly or arrange it so that people walking by can read the letters? Then, they might have a better idea about why you’re standing outside City Hall shirtless in 20 degree weather.

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Yeah, ha ha if a hot, bitchy housewife is wearing this, but ROFFL if you’re a hairy, sweaty dude and you’re proudly wearing this in a tight 4X. Then you get props and I greatly appreciate the sexualized Santa humor. This shirt just reminded me I need to watch Bad Santa for the holidays again. Gather round kiddies. It’s Billy Bob Thorton being hilarious.

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It would be funny if you had to go to a dojo and work with a sensei for endless hours to get your technique right. No, no. Too fast. Squeeze harder. Less lube. Real black belt…no lotion. Then there’s some sort of Karate Kid like tournament. And it gets hard (no pun intended) and it looks grim, but you pull it out in the end. Winner gets a case of super soft toilet paper.

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Sometimes you want to get old school with your gaming, so you pull out the original Nintendo and play the classic games. Doesn’t that controller just cause a wave of nostalgia to wash over you. Me neither. Never played Nintendo. I do like any I’d Tap That sexual reference I can get my hands on though.

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Dirty Sanchez T Shirt

by on October 25, 2012

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I’m pretty shocked and ashamed that I have not done a Dirty Sanchez t-shirt here on Tshirt Groove. Can you even believe that. Thank God, I was reminded of this recently, as it was suggested I review this very fine Dirty Sanchez tee. Firstly, look at that moustache…spectacular. Secondly, look at that mustache that you flip from the inside of the shirt. You can pull that up to your face, and you totally look like you have a ‘stache. That, my friends, is awesome, and makes this tee one of the best in the world. Wait, I need to go look up Dirty Sanchez. I don’t know what that is.

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I love this design. Look at that dude all scrunched up, sitting on a piano bench, playing that normal-sized piano. The lady is in her nice dress singing, an artful twist in her torso, and hand elegantly on the piano, hinting at another sip from the martini. Classy! And, then there’s the wordplay aspect, which is down at the basest level of humor. The juxaposition works in my mind. Of course, I’m eternally a teenager at heart, what with the strict Christian upbringing that stunted my natural growth and caused me to freeze up solid in immaturity. Wait, did I just type that. What is this a counselling session. That dude has at least 15 inches of tumescence waiting for the chanteuse and that’s all there is to it.

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This is like MY shirt, what with living in the basement and following my mom’s rules. There are perks you know. Don’t have to pay too much rent. I can sneak Funyuns out of the pantry when she’s at work. And, I get compliments on my appearance, which boosts my confidence and, basically, allows me to continue being awesome on the Internet.

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Halloween is in a month, so why not get started early getting all the Halloween-related gear you can, such as this very sophisticated pumpkin shirt. This shirt is best worn if you’re a male, because that’s extra funny. It’s actually not that funny otherwise. But, I guess, if you’re a woman and in the right company this design will do…like alone in the dark.

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