Sex T Shirts

Sex T Shirts are those featuring innuendo, straight up sex talk, and any of the sex positions. Also, boobies figure prominently in this section.

i-gave-my-word-to-stop-at-third-tshirt-modelCelebrating abstinence is always a good policy. Of course, stopping at third these days just means there wasn’t four hookers, copious leather, mescaline and ferrets.

Remember the good old days when stopping at third meant calling someone on the telephone and not actually seeing them in person. Yay!

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i-love-love-love-polygamy-modelCelebrate the compounds, rural love farms, the Mormon tabernacle choir and Utah with this heartalicious shirt.

Not sure how any man can handle three wives, unless there’s this thing where the emotional and communication demands are all but eliminated because that all goes down in the women’s circle. If that’s the case, then it starts to make a little more sense.

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i-have-no-stds-tshirt-modelYou know we all laugh at these fifties looking clip art images with funny out of place, risque quotes superimposed on clean cut guys and gals, but if you really stop and think about it, those 50s people were the original Gs. I mean, who do you think started this whole sex thing, alcohol and drugs, and rock ‘n roll. That’s right, it was the dude in the sweater vest and tie sitting in first class, putting the moves on the Betty. Fo’ sho’.

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Sperm: F1rst T Shirt

by on June 23, 2008

F1RST! Tshirt SpermThat sperm totally pwned the rest of them slackers. You wonder how long the testosterone was flying around the room as they tensely waited for the big race. Probably some icy stares. Eye rolling. Sperm smack talk. But, when the 2 minute warning buzzer went off…game time.

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Fork is shocked. Plate and spoon in bed tshirt.Oh, man that’s painful to see. The dish ran away with a very, very smug spoon. Fork is in shock. He was so excited to arrive at dish’s place with the heart-shaped headboard. Doing everything textbook. Box of chocolates, bouquet of roses and extra curling wax on the mustache. And what happens? He walks in on this – the afterglow. But, you know what? Dish doesn’t deserve fork. Fork will land on his feet, no doubt. He’s a standup guy. Dish and spoon truly deserve each other – they are the low of the low. Still, this just hurts to witness.

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