Science T Shirts

Science T Shirts: the periodic table of elements is featured often here, along with other science stuff I don’t understand combined with a smidge of lascivious humor.

absolute-zero-is-the-coolest-tshirtSometimes it’s good to embrace the obvious. Sometimes it’s good to champion extremes. When you where this shirt you are celebrating some nippy weather. That’s even colder than Wisconsin in January if I’m not mistaken.

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Geology Rocks T shirt

by on September 1, 2009

geology-rocks-tshirtA little tip for you high schoolers getting’ prepped for the institute of higher learning. Figure out what you like to study, then go study it. Nothing is cooler than waking up fired up ready to go read a book or study some rocks or how to properly blow a coaches whistle.

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nuclear-evolution-tshirtWhat you do is go ahead and get this Nuclear Evolution Shirt. Then, you make it a point to where it wherever you’re certain there will be nuclear power proponents. Here’s why. Yeah, it’s a cleaner burning and generating fuel, but there’s this nasty shit that comes from the development process that has a half life of like 32 bazillion years.

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time-machine-tshirtIf you’re not from the region, you may not know this, but this is a common prank in the South. Yes, we all know that time machines typically do look like your every day brown cardboard box. If the South, and this happened to me in Birmingham, AL about four times, people will actually take the time to write time machine on a box to make it look like the real deal, and then put it in a public space.

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the-evolution-of-rock-tshirtThis is funny. It’s almost too cute, but treads that fine line between terrific humor and smarmy bullshit. And, plus, it’s funny because it’s true. From cradle to rock ‘n roll to rocking chair. Ah, the never-ending cycle of life.

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Freud was a well known prankster, josher and jiver. He messed with people’s heads. The fact that anybody ever took his shit seriously was a bafflement to him and anyone that ever spent more than five minutes with him. But, isn’t that the way sometimes. Some folks are just destined to go down in history.  Anyway, the story goes he’d get in these “psychological” discussion sessions with “clients” and would poke, prod and get folks just to bare their soul, then at the end he would say: “Thank you for being so open with me. My final diagnosis is…Yo Mama.”

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Sometimes you need Public Service Announcements just like this to reel people back in from their drug-induced mania and splash them with some cold, hard, cold water truth to set them on the straight and narrow terra firma.

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Let’s Bond Tshirt

by on June 6, 2008

Let\'s Bond TshirtAre these molecules? Must be. Molecules bond. Right? Yes, it’s official. According to Wikipedia, molecules bond: covalent bonds, which involves sharing of electrons and atoms, and ionic bonds, which are chemical bonds that form through electrostatic attraction. I’m definitely pretty sure that the scene you’re witnessing on this beautiful yellow tee is ionic, because that’s ELECTROSTATIC ATTRACTION, baby.

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