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Science T Shirts: the periodic table of elements is featured often here, along with other science stuff I don’t understand combined with a smidge of lascivious humor.


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Okay, yes, we have a space shuttle. But, I’m not so sure we have jet packs, despite what you saw in the 3rd Season of Arrested Development. I mean I have really rich spoiled friends and I’ve never seen them flying around. Wait, maybe that’s the part of their lives I’m getting shunned away from. Oh shit, I think my impoverished heart has just sort of broken, because of a damn t-shirt that’s calling out one of the best movies of all time: Back to the Future II and the snazzy pink hoverboard (is that one word or two?).

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It’s kind of harsh, but true. Science is cold and calculating and probably just as mysterious as religion, when you start diving into the bigger questions. This may not be the case in 1000 years, but for now I think the state of science is probably in a super rudimentary phase in terms of understanding consciousness, energy, souls, and shit.

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As a scientist and experimenter, you have to have enough belief in yourself and your ideas/hypotheses to push through failures until you figure out what you’re looking to discover. In fact, many of the most successful inventors and discoverers don’t call them failures. They call them one more step toward the goal.

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Pinkman T Shirt

by on February 7, 2013


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Wait, is this a spoiler? I’m not quite done with season 5. Should I cover my eyes and run screaming? Why is Pinkman on a Phosphorus Periodic Table of the Elements square? Or maybe I just have a terrible memory and that happened in like Season 2. In fact, it’s what he’s known for. The actor that plays Pinkman can’t get any other acting work because the running Phosphorus bit throughout Season 4 has branded him, such that audiences could think of him in no other way. This is very possible, because the only thing I can remember about TV or movies is if I liked the shows or not.

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This is My Spot T shirt

by on February 4, 2013


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Bazinga! Of course, this is Sheldon’s spot on the couch, and brilliantly marked by the atom in this fine t-shirt design. If you like to be a homebody and do things many sorts of things on your couch, like watch television programming, watch a movie, gaming, eating snacks, watching sports, or perhaps even computing on your device or lap top, then you understand where Mr. Cooper is coming from and this shirt needs to be in your possession.

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Einsteinium T Shirt

by on January 28, 2013


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Is this a real element? Did those crazy scientists discover a new one and decided to name it after Albert? Probably not. Most likely this was a goofy concept in a funny person’s mind, and either they let an artist know about it or they were super special with multiple skills, and were also able to take the idea and make it a reality in Illustrator or Photoshop or whatever.

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Get This Hoodie from 80s Tees

This just looks good. Doesn’t it. Even it wasn’t associated with one of the best shows on television, this hoodie would certainly be appealing on its design and color merits. It looks all nerdy, and scy fy, but with clean lines. You gotta get this garment and wear it indoors during winter and outside when the air is still chilly as Spring comes.

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Solar System T Shirt

by on January 26, 2013


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This is a snappy little design, which I like a great deal, accept for the part where the don’t recognize Pluto as a planet, because of the prevailing “scientific wisdom.” It sort of speaks to the randomness of the universe. Just one planet in the solar system can sustain life. The rest are too hot or too cold. Though, with all this crazy ass new technology they’re shooting into space they may find something on Mars.

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There are big words and big sciences being discussed on this tee and I don’t understand any of it. I guess maybe the physicists could vouch for solving problems on paper but having a hell of a time doing it. I picture lab coats and formulas, theorems, angles, and maybe a tape measure. Now, that I type it, that does sound like a load of fun.

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Galapagos T Shirt

by on January 16, 2013


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Another absurd design from that crazy shirt crew in San Francisco. I believe that would be Darwin riding a giant sea turtle like a bucking bronco, which seems absurd but if you do a close reading of The Origin of Species, you will find that he describes this moment on the Galapagos Islands. It was written in 1859, so it may not be as obvious to the modern day reader.

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Ah. Look at the beaker and the flask. So young. So in love. The chemistry is palpable. Let’s just hope that some stupid drunk high schooler doesn’t drop one of these fine pieces of glassware while ogling the goth chick sitting in the corner looking above it all. That would just be a crushing blow to this torrid affair.

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Here you go science nerds. A little humor pop for your wardrobe. Get it. Wear it to class. Become the god you always knew you had buried deep inside you. This changes everything, especially because the lettering is like electric kool-aid acid green.

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