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Religious T Shirts, and by religious I mean pretty much blasphemous, sacrilegious, and funny Jesus, but still, those accurately fall under the religion tag.

I’m thrown for a loop by My God Designs Jesus series. I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m sure this site has its fans, because I know there is a lot of Christians out there that like to push the envelope and be a little  edgy. And, these shirts with Jesus doing things like your favorite bro would do is edgy. It takes the Son of  God out of the robes and sandals and teacher role, and puts him in everyday sportsman or gamer. Not sure how  this works. I guess maybe you’re modernizing the Christ, making him relate-able. Someone that you can play Call  of Duty with and who will also save you from your sins for real.

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I’m not Jewish but the culture is fascinating to me, especially the amazing amount of comedy that has been generated. There’s this dark, vulnerable, us-against-the-world, embrace life and kick ass type of vibe that I get from Jewish comedians that is irresistible. So, of course, I love this Dreidel That’s How I Roll T Shirt.

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The U.S. is in high alert. The Roman Catholic in the United States is down to only six exorcists. They’re holding open tryouts this weekend to try to bolster those numbers to 122. Thank God. These demon possessed people are overrunning the place. It’s a mess.

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Beyonce singing for all the single ladies, telling the men that if they like those single ladies they should put a ring on the finger of the single ladies. Then, comes this All the Single Ladies Nuns T Shirt. This is what happens when you don’t put the ring on and the lady gets fed up with the male bullshit. They commit their lives to Christ, live in a convent, and sneak in a little scissoring, when the urge becomes too great.

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I’m a little late on this post, but it sure was good to have the highest payroll in baseball bounced by the Rangers. You realize that the Yankees-Rangers payroll disparity, $207 million vs. $55 million, was the largest in playoff history. That’s no joke. That’s a huge difference and a wonderful reason to root for the underdog versus the overpaid, arrogant evil empire. Of course, I’m all for the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series, so good job Rangers on knocking out the Yanks, now it’s time to lose.

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Headline Shirts kind of stepping out of its comfort zone with this religious and football themed shirt. I applaud them. It takes guts to try new things, especially when you’re comfortably kicking butt with your regular funny, political, irreverent stuff. Well, I guess this is still pretty irreverent, and maybe even sacrilegious in certain circles. Mess with God in any way and you’re asking for trouble, and this particular Zeus-like depiction, participating in a game of man, could really rankle the fundamentalist Christians snooping around the Internet.

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Some retard Florida preacher from Dove World Outreach Center wants to burn a pile of Korans or is it Qurans. Kind of makes the name of his org. kind of silly. Dove World Outreach Center sounds like you’re going to be tolerant and peaceful, and work to understand other cultures and religions, but instead Pastor Terry Jones is trying to catch some Internet buzz and perhaps a little segment on the nightly news. Would be good for business.

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This Praying Mantis refuses to bow his head, refuses to follow along with the customs like a sheep like all the other others. This one is an individual, standing upright, head held high, arms crossed, not gonna be forced to pray like all the other sucker brethren he interacts with everyday.

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Yet another Hitler tshirt from our horrid friends over at T-Shirt Hell. And, yet again, something that is offensive and makes you laugh that guilty laugh. Yes, Hitler was evil, but in this instance the only thing that makes him evil is adding the evil pointy goatee beard.

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Tshirt Hell continues to impress with its absolute disregard for taste. Amazing that they sell the hell out of these tshirts they produce. Who buys this shirt? Where do they wear it. To your Christian Auntie’s house for tea and cookies? To the Wednesday night potluck at the neighborhood Baptist church? To the elementary school play?

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Non story. Wake me up when the President starts throwing bankers in jail.

From Fire Dog Lake:

“At a dinner ceremony honoring the holiday of Ramadan, President Obama waded into the controversy over the Cordoba House project, strongly and unequivocally supporting  the construction of the Islamic Center near Ground Zero in Manhattan. Not only that, he supported the proposition of allowing Muslims to build their own houses of worship anywhere in America, as part of the free exercise of religion.”

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Totally funny as long as you know the initialism, which, of course, I did not because I don’t waste my precious time posting snarky shit on obscure message boards. No, I write barely tolerable posts for an unvisited blog. Much cooler. Much cooler.

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