Religious T Shirts

Religious T Shirts, and by religious I mean pretty much blasphemous, sacrilegious, and funny Jesus, but still, those accurately fall under the religion tag.

Greece Lightning Teeshirt

You may wonder why this made it. Well, actually, it should be pretty obvious. Tshirt of the day rule #1 here at tshirt groove is “Any tshirt with a beard is a prime candidate to be duly honored.”

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Last Supper Sausage Fest tshirtWarning: Really irreligious shirt. Perhaps even blasphemous. Certainly distasteful to those that believe.

You know, maybe things would have turned out better had they allowed some women up in there. Balance things out. A little different perspective. Savvier negotiations with the Romans. Less betrayal. Different sorts of kisses. Something. Of course, it ain’t the Last Supper if it ain’t the last supper.

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christian soldiers

Photo by grendelkhan

This is a terrific photo. Takin’ it to the street (or the amusement park) with the witnessing. They know they have big juevos wearing these christian t shirts in public. Why? Because they’re over-the-top rebels in their church circles and in day-to-day secular encounters they pretty much scream: “I’m hard core Christian.” Now go get some God. Hell, you’ll never know when you need some fire insurance.

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