Religious T Shirts

Religious T Shirts, and by religious I mean pretty much blasphemous, sacrilegious, and funny Jesus, but still, those accurately fall under the religion tag.

See this is funny because if you speak like this or even where the words on a shirt, you are basically admitting you’re a heathen, will not ascend to heaven during the second coming and will be spending some time on earth as the anti-Christ takes over during the Great Tribulation.

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“Intent, but” statements are probably the most powerful tools you have in your relational arsenal. You let the people you care about know that you would like to offer moral support (because that’s the right thing to do in a time of need), but you simply don’t have the moral resume to pull that off.

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This tee has 2 things every great shirt needs:

1. Simple statement of cosmic fact.
2. Picture of a  boomerang with a kangaroo on it.

Basically you know you can’t lose with this tshirt. Wear it and you’re a winner. Plus, you’ll seem really deep because you’ll be wearing the basic tenants of karma, which is really spiritual.

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Kinda always knew this is at this type of cataclysmic event got started. I think Clark Gable comes from the other side pouring the vinegar, ‘cuz that’s when you get the real, Atlantis burying volcanic blast.

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Looks like Jesus is very proud of the two couples he’s hanging with up in the heavenly clouds. Not sure exactly how to discuss a shirt like this without being blasphemous and condemning myself to hell.

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Warning: the pope will excommunicate you, and probably put you in a damp dungeon for even reading this post. You know how there’s that entire industry built around critiquing celebrity fashion as they walk the red carpet for the 97 awards ceremonies they have to celebrate themselves throughout the year. I think there should be an underground circuit of clergy fashion critics.

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i-gave-my-word-to-stop-at-third-tshirt-modelCelebrating abstinence is always a good policy. Of course, stopping at third these days just means there wasn’t four hookers, copious leather, mescaline and ferrets.

Remember the good old days when stopping at third meant calling someone on the telephone and not actually seeing them in person. Yay!

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i-love-love-love-polygamy-modelCelebrate the compounds, rural love farms, the Mormon tabernacle choir and Utah with this heartalicious shirt.

Not sure how any man can handle three wives, unless there’s this thing where the emotional and communication demands are all but eliminated because that all goes down in the women’s circle. If that’s the case, then it starts to make a little more sense.

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Previously on Tshirt Groove Funny Tshirts of the Day blog, we discussed the athletic prowess of Jesus. Today, let’s discuss Jesus’ fiscal responsibility. Basically, as it says in Galatians, he was a 50-50 guy. Whatever money you make 50 percent goes into the piggy bank and 50 percent goes to sinful pleasures…I mean food, shelter, water, clothing – you know the necessities.

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Jesus Saves Hockey Goalie Tshirt

This is kind of glossed over in the Bible, but Jesus was quite the multi-sport athlete. Bo knows nuthin’. Jesus Knows goalie in both soccer and hockey. Jesus Saves. He also was able to transfer those skills to lacrosse and team handball.

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I want to be formal but I\'m here to partyAh, the tuxedo tee shirt. Nothing says classy and fun like wearing a tshirt with the look of a tuxedo. It’s good to wear one of these gems on any social occasion, but it’s even better to wear one at a formal event. Add jeans and flip flops to the ensemble for non-stop funniness and admiration from anybody that’s Cool with a capital C.

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Jesus Loves You TshirtIn homage to two great icons: Jesus and John Cusack’s immortal pose in Say Anything. If I was a chick and Jesus was doing this outside my window with the halo and the boom box playin’ our song, I think I’d pretty much be smitten. Actually, I’m a guy and that would be enough to sway me to invite him into my heart forever.

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