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Red Bubble is a great collective of artists pumping out awesome designs for shirts, posters, and more. Some of my favorite artists post stuff here.

Trollface T Shirt

by on September 5, 2011

This represents the face of someone trolling a forum. Want to know more about it, then you should probably go read about it on Know Your Meme.

For the rest of you that know about the 4Chan, deviantArt, Reddit and Whynne, then you’re probably already a big fan of the meme, and most likely you are about 2 seconds from pulling out your Mom’s credit card and buying this Trollface T Shirt. I don’t blame you. That face is awesome, even for tose that don’t anything about its origins.

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This is the big four of mad scientists — chemical, radioactive, atomic, and biological. It’s good to feature the Mad Scientist Union T Shirt, because it’s Labor Day and we have to remember the working men and women, even mad scientists, who are potentially plotting the destruction of our planet. I mean who am I to pick and choose who I’m going to support and not support. If you’re in a union you’re supported. OKAY!

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David Cross does a heck of a job as Tobias Funke on the show Arrested Development and if you enjoyed his work then you probably need this Tobias Funke T Shirt, because there is no other shirt out in this great wide universe that really says Tobias Funke like this one. I mean this is hard core Tobias Funke, and Tobias Funke only. Glasses. Mustache. Male pattern baldness.

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Richard Pryor T Shirt

by on September 4, 2011

Richard Pryor was an awesome standup at least for a white hot period of time. Very influential to the comedy community, and if you’re into him, I don’t need to tell you why it would be a great idea to purchase this Richard Pryor T shirt. Okay, maybe just a few reasons:

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Excellent spoof on the US Postal Service logo, dropping in an owl in place of the Eagle. Same color scheme. Love it. Of course, the owl is in reference to the owls the students at Hogwarts use to send messages back and forth from home.

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Love this one, especially with the NBA and NFL in lockout mode right now. You gotta have some kind of red and blue sporting logo that is relevant, and this certainly is as the end is near.

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This is a great shirt. It shows you dig the Harry Potter stuff, but it’s understated. I just watched the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last night and Part 2 at an old theater on the Eastside of Milwaukee (Oriental) today, and this symbol obviously played a huge part.

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Designed by spacemonkeydr, this Dark Lords Happy Hour T Shirt is a special treat. Very funny. Birds of a feather flock together. It’s good to get together with peers, knock a few back to loosen the tongue, and just talk shop. Here we have Darth Vader, Sauron, and Voldemort bonding over liquor and an unknown dive.

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my patronus is a wokiee t shirtThis is a very nice concept. Well conceived and executed by artist SevenHundred and offered by Red Bubble. I laugh every time I think about it, especially because the Wookiee Patronus is the only one of the Patronus’ that makes noise, and, of course, that noise that pained yowl, even if things are good, times are happy, and all is right with the world.

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Hey, I just posted a Red Bubble Review. I’m going to spill the beans right now. I like Red Bubble a lot and try to convince you that it’s in your best interest to love them too. Basically you’re supporting real artists and getting awesome t shirts to wear around and look cool. You’ll probably earn more money for being so stylish, then you shelled out to get the tee.

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Where has Red Bubble been all my life? Why has it been this long since I reviewed them? They’re awesome. Excellent artists make art and RedBubble puts it on t shirts, framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, calendars, and maybe white rodents.

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