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Red Bubble is a great collective of artists pumping out awesome designs for shirts, posters, and more. Some of my favorite artists post stuff here.

Andy Samberg plays a wannabe stuntman, who likes to party. What else needs to be said? I mean we could talk about the dancing Asian, cool beans, Jorma Taccone, Bill Hader, Isla Fisher, Danny McBride…do I need to go on? Yes…okay. Fake moustache. Eagle Powers. Qwhiskey safe word. More? You want more…just a minute I need to go check some more clips on Youtube.

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In case you need a refresher on Total Recall, starring the ever impressive, Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s gotta do some crazy sci-fi stuff, including going to Mars. And, on Mars, there are three-breasted women. I have included a Youtube video that shows you what I’m talking about (tastefully, of course…the real naughty bits are covered).

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This is just awesome. Took me a moment, but then I harkened back to my four semesters of Spanish in college, and realized I don’t know shit, in fact, my entire college experience was a waste. But, we’re here to talk about this lovely and hilarious Los Beatles Juan, Pablo, Jorge & Gringo t shirt. It did take a minute, but I finally translated, John, Paul, George…then it took me another second to figure out Gringo = Ringo. Once I put it all together, slowly I grant you, I loved the shirt.

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Super Violent Monkey T Shirt

by on September 23, 2011

This here shirt is pretty spectacular. That monkey is totally dressed all casual, but he’s seeing red and will tear your face off if you don’t give him plenty of space. Sometimes you don’t even know when it’s coming with the Super Violent. It’s funny you notice details on this Super Violent Monkey T Shirt, yet it’s intentionally blurry.

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Little mashup of Entourage and Star Wars right here. Is that a strange combination? You bet it is, but it’s a calculated risk because the people that are into both are gonna get this Hantourage T Shirt or die tryin’. His game is their fortune, obviously applies to both Han Solo and Vince Chase, because the game is the job of smuggling and/or acting. And their fortune means Han’s makes his clients big money and for Vince his crew leeches off him.

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You know the classic scene in Star Wars where Admiral Ackbar, who is a cinematic representation of the gay character in the comic strip Life in Hell, screams it’s a trap. This has basically become an Internet meme, so if you know what’s good for your reputation, then you probably need to pick up the It’s a Trappe Sextupel Ackbarsteinbier Monc Ale T Shirt. People will see that you know what’s hot, but that you prefer a slightly different flavor. Actually, that’s the secret to being in high demand by the sex of your choice.

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Pretty funny concept. When you think about a go-getter or self-help guru, or motivational speaker, who wants to take it beyond the tried and true wisdom of the clothes make the man, into a fresh perspective on the hair. Why not? The hair is also very important. You can get a haircut from just anywhere, or, God forbid, do it yourself, and risk fucking it up really bad.

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Sugar Daddy T Shirt

by on September 17, 2011

I didn’t know that Sugar Daddy’s had to advertise, but I guess times are tough and if you can’t afford the threads that show you have the money, then the next best thing is to wear a shirt that says you have the dough. Normally, you think the come hither looks and the confident banter directed at the hottest chick (who looks expensive) in the room, along with tasteful bling, expensive clothes and casual mentions of the Porsche in the parking lot was all you really needed to do to lure in the ladies. But, maybe your portfolio got slammed in the last crash, and the real estate is in the shitter, you got laid off the 6-figure corporate gig, and now, well now you gotta do what you can to continue playing the game.

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Nice mashup right here. The fedora of Indiana Jones on the helmet head of Darth Vader. Terrific, but super confusing, especially for the kids. I mean what are they to believe if they see this. Indiana Jones is a good man. Darth Vader is bad. Can we really let them mix up good and evil. Could get very dangerous if the kids don’t know right from wrong.

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Charlie Sheen has certainly had a little bit of break in his mind, but it’s entertaining and his half cocked nutty shit actually sort of make sense sometimes. If I had to his rants more than like 3 minutes a month, I’d probably lose my mind, because he’s super obnoxious and pretty corny.

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This is a good one to wear to work or when you’re being very creepy-sleazy in a bar, blitzed out of your mind, feeling up mannequins…you know your average Tuesday night.

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U Mad, Bro? T Shirt

by on September 8, 2011

What we have here is a meme. This particular phrase is used on forums when someone is starting to get mad in a thread. Often considered trolling because this type of smart ass response often fuels the fire. Kind of funny for sure. Go check out Know Your Meme for the full history of this thing.

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