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Red Bubble is a great collective of artists pumping out awesome designs for shirts, posters, and more. Some of my favorite artists post stuff here.

Happy New Year!

If you like the game Skyrim, then you probably need to own this Detected T Shirt because it looks cool. Actually, even if you don’t know what the hell Skyrim is or you have never taken an arrow to the knee, you still probably want this tee, because it has a creepy surveillance, Big Brother, 1984, Fascist feel to it, which comes in real handy as you navigate your way through 2012 in any Banker Occupied “1st” world nation.

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Happy New Year’s Eve! As we reflect on 2011 and think ahead to the improvements we want to make for 2012, I thought this Waldo transformation design was very appropriate.

This Ninja Waldo will be found only if he wants to be found. More likely, he’ll find you if you’re in his sights for whatever reason. That red-striped shirt and beanie always made Waldo seem like kind of a dork, so this Ninja Waldo T Shirt paints him in an entirely new light. I like it. Do you?

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I love these rogue Starbucks logo knockoffs. Especially when they reference some random super popular video game. The combo makes for a perfect t-shirt miracle, which I thought it was appropriate to feature on Christmas day. Then, if you happen to like Skyrim and coffee, then you could take some of that check you got from your Auntie Ethel apply and use it to buy some of this Skyrim Coffee T Shirt business.

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Nice random little twist on the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now that I think about it, what the hell does sheep’s clothing mean? I could understand sheep’s skin or sheep’s pelt, but sheep’s clothing makes no sense. Though I don’t make it to rural parts very often, so maybe sheep have a particular clothing they were. Some denim short pants and maybe a flannel button down. Is that what the wolf is dressed in? Is that how the wolf sneaks in to peaceable gatherings and wreaks havoc. Jorts and flannel gets you in the door take 15 minutes to get acclimated to the scene, then piss in the punch bowl, bite the hostess in the butt, and slap a sheep’s face…hard.

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Someone did not get the Christmas story when they were younger, so when they heard a prowler on the roof they were ready. Now, everything is ruined, all because Santa messed with the wrong house. Of course, what I really want to know is what taxidermist went ahead and mounted Donner, Blitzen and Santa Claus? Was this a back alley job? Is there a black market for highly inappropriate stuffing? These are the things that get stirred up when I see this No Christmas T Shirt.

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Not really sure what to say about this shirt other than it’s really cool looking. Kind of a hipster looking dude with the jacket, button down, shoes, pants…you know the drill, but instead of a bearded face and thick-rimmed glasses, we have a horse head. Not sure if he’s in the middle of a dance move or he’s been caught stealing candy bars from the liquor store, but the image is full of kinetic energy. And, of course, that is why you should get this Eddie Horse Head T Shirt right now.

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Some how pineapples pop up in this show all the time. It’s a thing. Below is  a video showing a handful of pineapple citings. I like pineapple myself. I feel like wearing a shirt featuring a pineapple, like this I’ve Heard It Both Ways Pineapple T Shirt would be great. In fact, there should be a line of shirts just featuring fruit, because fruit is pretty cool and delicious.

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God I love Beavis and Butthead, and I hear Breaking Bad is spectacular. I’ve been saving it, until I have some time to just hole up and consume seasons at a time. May never happen, because I never get time to watch television, plus my mom doesn’t like me to watch too much. Anyway, I can sneak Beavis and Butthead clips on the Youtube, so I know how funny that business is.

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It’s another Internet meme t shirt. This particular one references a corny line from the video game Skyrim, and has now spread far and wide on the Internet as something you type when someone is doing a little brag commenting. Actually, I have no idea what it means but I used to be a funny t shirt blogger that gave a shit then I took an arrow to the knee.

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Nice mashup of Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon album cover and the insane UC Davis cop that casually pepper sprayed peaceful protestors. This is a pretty damn sweet design by curtisblack72, don’t you think? If so, then you should probably open up and let you feelings be known by buying this Darkside of the Law T Shirt.

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Who needs Jedi mind tricks when you can just put a disco mustache and wig on C3PO and a mustache on R2D2, and get by any Imperial Stormtrooper checkpoint? Forget all the studying and practicing and meditation, and those awkward student mentor moments with Yoda, where you can’t figure what backward ass thing he’s saying, and just go to the costume shop instead.

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Another very nicely executed design from Digerati. If you’re a little bit of a science geek and a lot bit of a humor freak, then you need this Ah The Element of Surprise T Shirt, because it’s down right funny.

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