Random T Shirts

Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

I like this little promotion Snorg Tees is doing for the month of May. 10% off your order if at least on of the shirts you get is a zombie shirt. Just be sure to use the code: ZOMBIEZOMBIE10 and you’ll get your discount.

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What you have here is Sasquatch or Big Foot riding a skateboard with a red, white and blue headband, which recalls the halcyon days of tennis when Bjorn Borg ruled. He had long hippie 70s hair and a scraggly beard and battled with McEnroe and Connors. He won some of the biggies and he was hairy and why PalmerCash has combined the tennis player, and skateboarding and Big Foot is a big mystery that I have no idea where to start unraveling.

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Apollo 11 was the first space flight that landed humans on the moon. Do you remember you were July 20, 1969. Me neither. Even middle-aged me was not alive in 1969, but the reverberrations of that historic moment still ripples through the culture to this day.

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Sometimes as you think of your favorite things in life, you want to view them from a different angle. In Germany cigarettes and whiskey have a different name, so you see it somewhat differently, but the amazing thing is that they are still the same as well. Wear the Zigaretten Und Whiskey T Shirt and I guarantee you’ll have a greater appreciation for the finer things in life. And you will have more fun. And better conversation.

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Space Rock T Shirt

by on May 21, 2011

I bet you feel like you already own this Space Rock T Shirt, because it reaches straight down into the elementals of man. Straight to the core, the essence of being.

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This is absolutely an epic battle, and you can have it on your chest to show everybody that you do not have time for irony. You are solely on this earth to be sincere, to honor the sacred, and to contemplate which wild creatures would win in fights. If this describes where you feel you would like to be in your life all you have to do is get out your credit card, buy the Shark Versus Bear T Shirt, wait a few days for shipping, then put the thing on.

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This is pretty much hilarious. Of course, you have heard Family Radio nutter, Harold Camping, proclaiming that the Rapture is coming May 21, 2011. He can prove it with a loose interpretation of the scriptures. Anyways, Headline Shirts is making sure your last days are filled with great deals on funny t shirts with their End of the World Clearance Sale.

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Yes, it’s true Osama Bin Laden shirts have been hot since Obama’s announcement. T & A, Star Wars, science are also featured in the What’s Hot in T shirts page. The Legend of Zelda tee still hangs in as one of the hottest shirts goin’ today.

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No idea what this means, and God that duck with the tear drop is super, super sad. Why do you want to wear a Poor Little Duck T Shirt? I’ll tell you why. Because it is super random and kind of cute and is a spectacular conversation starter. Want to get in somebody’s pants? Move close enough, so they can see the shirt and let it work its magic, trigger all sorts of emotions. Follow up and sincerely ask the tee means to them.

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I don’t know how many yachts are hanging around Havana, but the few that are sure have passengers that know how to have a good time. Rum. cigars. And Cuban music. What more do you want? Plus, as a Communist country, there’s probably a great deal of disapproval for extravagant lifestyle toys like a floating paradise.

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Hello Fresco is a fresh new shirt shop based somewhere on Earth. They tout their clean, positive designs lacking “skulls, thunderbolts, and general weird stuff.” They purposefully kept the designs light and joyous, which is an interesting twist on the regular t shirt fare. They also only release two tees a month, because sometimes less is more. Too much choice can be debilitating. You can crumble under the pressure of making the right decision. You can regret making the wrong purchase and have buyer’s remorse.

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Got a little wordplay with rude appliances that are having a bit of a tiff. Or maybe they’re just stating the obvious about each other. The vacuum knows what the fan does and the fan knows what the vacuum does. Maybe it’s you that adds the extra oomph that makes it seem like they’re really going at it. Maybe it’s you that assumes that maybe there’s sexual innuendo on this You Suck Blow Me T Shirt.

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