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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

This is just funny because “professional” wrestling is hilarious to me. Huge ‘roided up dues in Speedos, thigh high boots, feathered hair, and barb-wire bicep tattoos. Ridiculously hilarious. And, nobody was more goofy hilarious than the perfectly tanned, bleach blonde Hulk Hogan.

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Does anyone really pay attention to Father’s Day? Haven’t we just about had it after getting through Mother’s Day. Well, it looks like Headline Shirts is totally into the Father’s of the world. That’s why they’re offering a free Gytha Mander tie for orders of two shirts or more. Just add the code FREETIE during checkout. Be sure to get on this shopping for Dad soon, because Father’s Day is next Sunday. Okay go.

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I like Eco-friendly. I like creative. I like tshirts. Guess what? I like OMunky because they do a great job of combining all three. They have the fresh designs and they print them on American Apparel organic tees. There’s a lot to like in that potent, responsible combination.

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First off, if you pre-order this shirt with the code “TRAININGWHEELS” you get Free 2-day Domestic Shipping. So click the buy button on this Thumbs Up Everybody for Rock and Roll T Shirt and get a great shirt with free shipping on Busted Tees.

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Because when you raise a fist in the air, you are saying solidarity. You are saying Black Power. You are saying I am one with the Union. You are saying the US Kleptocracy has got to end and I’m standing up against rampant greed, malfeasance, and the corporate death spiral, and make my voice known. But, this Join the Fist T Shirt is none of those things or maybe it’s all of those things. It’s just the fist for fist’s sake.

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Do Work Son T Shirt

by on June 9, 2011

Of course, when I’m confused or in the dark about a pop culture saying I turn to the Urban Dictionary and they help me out tremendously. Do Work Son was coined by Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykins. Of course, the first thing you really should remember about the Urban Dictionary is that about 83% of it is total bullshit. This story about a white sounding dude with a black bodyguard coining a phrase sounds like absolute malarky.

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Hey, when it comes to beer misspelling is awesome. Shows you’re dedicated to your craft, which is drinking to oblivian, destroying brain cells and forgetting how to spell. Awesome. Everybody will think the beautiful symmetric rhyme on this Heer for the Beer T Shirt is so kick ass, you’ll probably be served all night like you were a sultan or something.

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This is creepy in a cuddly cat meme way, which is why you and your friends all love it. It’s also why you just went and found your wallet, pulled out your favorite plastic, and are primed to spend your hard-earned money on this Who’s Laughing Meow T Shirt. Let’s forget about the cat for a minute, Headline Shirts has also dropped a healthy dose of wordplay into the mix.

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Of course, this is the Robert Downey Jr. line, when he’s talking to Ben Stiller’s character about acting, and Downey Jr. is telling him that playing a character with a touch of retard is a good move, and possible Oscar material, but going full retard is a death warrant on your career. Stiller had played a full retard in a movie, and was a little concerned about Downey’s analysis.

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Ah…sometimes you have to celebrate the classic lines, and this certainly has stood the test of time. You see Sherlock Holmes, the man depicted on this No Shit Sherlock T Shirt, was a world-renowned fictional detective that could solve any British crime back in the 1800s (I have no idea when the narrative was actually set.) Wait, you may have heard of Sherlock Holmes because you have read some of the classics or maybe you have even seen the movie staring Robert Downey Jr.

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We have a little wordplay here. You see, when you see this type of guy and he’s saying he passed the bar exam, you think that he’s now certified to practice law in his given state. But, then he’s hoisting a mug, which can be a perfectly reasonable way to celebrate such an achievement, but he also has a little bit of that alcoholic look, so maybe he’s just making a joke on this I Passed the Bar Exam T Shirt.

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This shirt from Busted Tees references their sister company, College Humor’s little skit with those nutty dudes Jake & Amir. The short vid is edgy because there’s been a serious car accident and Jake comes in and acts sort of out of character by pimping the new You Gotta Learn How to Be Funny Man T Shirt, and not being considerate of the grave injury suffered by a co-worker. Of course, Amir loves it because that’s his MO all the time.

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