Random T Shirts

Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

Of course, if you’re a fan of the movie Uncle Buck or the late great comedy actor John Candy, you will enjoy the Hi I’m Buck Melanoma Molly Russell’s Wart T shirt, because it will bring back all of the special memories you had watching the movie. Perhaps you’re old enough to have watched it in the theater in 1989, or maybe you picked it up later and watched it on your couch with microwave popcorn and cookies and cream ice cream. Whatever, if you have feelings for the film, you’ll want to own the shirt. That’s a fact.

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Nowhere Bad is a cool site. They print and sell one user submitted design a week. Shirts are available for a limited time of 5 days, and then they’re gone.

As I write there are three days and a few minutes left to get the You Got the Touch by NinjaInk for only $12. This is an awesome design using characters from the Transformers to replace Adam and God from the famous painting, The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo.

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Cash Only T Shirt

by on June 30, 2011

Not sure what this means exactly. If you wear this are you calling your self a prostitute and you’ll only take cash for the depraved deeds performed on desperate seekers. Or perhaps it’s a stand against living life on credit. After all credit addiction is one of the biggest reasons for this country’s demise and inevitable crash.

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Sometimes our heroes are reluctant, and sometimes those reluctant heroes make the best ones. Because they go through a lot just understand the idea of their heroic destiny. When it finally dawns on them after much trial and tribulation, they get it on the deepest level and can summon the type of power only fate can generate.

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Yikes. This is potentially traumatic for any young Barney fans that happen by while you’re wearing this Barnivore T Shirt. Barney, the big purple annoyance, has simply tore into the other dinosaur, looks like a triceratops (I know, I know…they’re called something else but I can’t remember and can’t be bothered to spend 14 seconds to look it up).

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Hey, the movie is coming July 15. You need shirts to wear leading up to opening night and you need the perfect Harry Potter shirt to wear at the magical Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 premiere. So, go to Busted Tees and buy two get one free or buy three and get the fourth free, plus free shipping. Don’t forget to use coupon code: TRIWIZARD.

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In case you need to brush up on your Potter terminology, here’s an explanation of Keeper. Basically, it’s the goalkeeper as you would have in any sport that has a goal. Accept in Quidditch there are three hoop goals and the Keeper floats on a broom. Slightly different than most earthbound games.

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This is a quote from comedian Demetri Martin. The whole quote goes “I used to play sports now I buy trophies…I’m great at everything.”

If you like this sort of math nerd humor then you probably have a Martin poster plastered on your wall and you probably need to own I Used to Play Sports Now I Buy Trophies I’m Great at Everything T Shirt.

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Of course, this is a mashup of the college student that got tased and yelled “don’t tase me bro,” for all of Youtube to see, and Star Trek, which featured Phasers as the cool ass future weapon of the time. Like the combo? Then get the Don’t Phase Me Bro T Shirt today. I wonder whatever happened to that dude. He was only expressing dissent for some political stuff and he got pulled out of the auditorium roughly. Ugly scene from the auth-or-i-tays for sure.

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Horrifically gross, but cute all at the same time. It takes some doing to be able to pull that off and T Shirt Bordello does just that with this Eye Heart Brains T Shirt. It’s a transitive pictograph verbalization, which is always a welcome site to these sore eyes. Can ask you to look deep into your soul…Now, let me ask a question. Will you reach deep into your pocket and get the money it will take to buy this tshirt, so that you can have it to keep, and wear, from now until death do you part?

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Hello Zombie T Shirt

by on June 25, 2011

This is a nice little twist on Hello Kitty. I never understood the appeal of Hello Kitty, so this tweak on the nose of the cute by naughty kitty is preferable to me. Do you like Zombies and messing with established cat characters in the cultural consciousness? If yes, you need to purchase Hello Zombie T Shirt right now. I mean this instant. Do it. Go!

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The NBA Finals ended a couple of weeks ago, but the star of the NBA champions, Dirk Nowitzki, still has pull in the tee shirt scene. The Hangover 2 was released nearly a month ago, yet there’s no end in site to the popularity of shirts inspired by the summer’s best comedy. And, in an odd rise, a very old Communist Party parody t shirt has picked up a second wind. People want that thing.

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