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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

How many of us angsty Gen-Xers remember when John Hughes made teen movies that really TALKED to us. I mean, The Breakfast Club really was the shiznit. If you saw it, you got it. Don’t you forget about me hey hey hey hey! And who’s the character we all remember most? Admit it, it’s John Bender. I saw this tee on TV Store Online, and I just wanna throw it on, and set the toe of my Adidas sneaker on fire to light my cig. Maybe we can get the prom queen impregnated!

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Wordplay right here. That one sheriff was totally pissed that the other dude was stealin’ his style from brim of his hat to the tip of his boots. Bad dusty town etiquette right there. You gotta let a man rock his own unique style. It’s not like they were shoppin’ at Wal-Mart where 30 million people buy the same mass produced clothing. Anyways…you also have the whole serif and sans serif font business. Which then becomes a little bit of a showdown at sundown because some people like the serifs on their online pages, while others swear by sans.

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Princess Bride lovers everywhere, REJOICE!  Buy this funny tee, and you’ll no longer need to mince words, just get on with the action (or just get it on…)!!  This shirt is yet another spoof of the classic “Hello, my name is…” name tag gag-line, but has a very good punchline, as many fans of the movie would agree.  I mean, what else comes to mind whenever you hear those four particular words of introduction, except a drunk, greasy-haired, noble-hearted Spaniard with his fencing sword drawn, awaiting the 6-fingered man to ultimately avenge the death of his father (and perhaps Eminem, a.k.a. Slim Shady)?

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If you lean toward the lo-fi style of life, then saving 10 percent at Polly & Crackers is probably something that puts a little bounce in your step. Or perhaps a gleam in your eye. Flutter in your heart. Buzz in your anus?

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Busted Tees consistently has some of the best funny t shirts in the business. When they offer a 20% discount on those same top-O-the-line shirts you gotta pay attention, and take action, son.

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Harry Potter seems to have slightly loosened it’s death spell on the top visited page for the week slightly, leaving room for some other random stuff.

LMAO T Shirt

The LMAO shirt featuring Chairman Mao seems to have become a very popular shirt. Somehow it got picked up on Reddit, which send quite a few people to check that clever little ditty out.

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The eyeglasses with tape on the nose image doesn’t quite conjer a hipster for me. I’m thinking more skinny jeans and fedora, but that’s just me. If you like to be confrontational and start a conversation, and probably separate those that don’t like the aggressive message from those that do, then the I Hated Hipsters Before It Was Cool To Hate Hipsters T Shirt is probably just your style.

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Jump on this right now!  You can get 15% off at Nowherebad when you use code GoApe at checkout. It’s only good through the rest of today (Friday, August 5), so you better hurry.

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That’s a nice looking footlong sandwich with meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. It’s a tried and true formula for great taste and it stands the test of time. The little twist is the fact that this sandwich has amazingly detailed Italian roll bread. I mean, how do you even bake bread that looks like that. Must be some sort of bread mold or something. Amazing what technology can do for you these days.

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Nice wordplay. That octopus has water wings and goggles and is playing with a beach ball. What you don’t see in this cute little scene is that when the octopus hits the ball it sticks to the suction cups on his arm and he can’t get it off. Kind of sad really. All creatures should have a chance to freely play with a plastic blow up ball without embarrassment and inconvenience. And, this is the message you are delivering when you wear this Water You Scared of T Shirt.

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This is a lovely bit of news story-related t shirtery. Right there sitting on the old school rotary phone is Ruport Murdoch, the head douche at News Corp, which is a news gathering organization that has been accused of tapping the phone lines of 9/11 victims. Pretty shady business and this I’d Tap That T Shirt brings Rupert’s ugliness to the forefront.

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Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

The zombie and mummy sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G, first comes love then comes loss of limbs and unraveling of bandages, and bad smells, and eyes popping out, and straggly hair in weird places, and stuff like that.

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