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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

This is the thing right here. Dumbledore Gandalf wasn’t pure as the newly driven snow. He had some shit in his closet and I bet that, yes, he was a beast in the sack ’til his dying day. He had charisma and vim and vigor, and I think along with keeping tip top with his magic, he kept himself in shape, so he definitely didn’t need the pills a lot of the older male generation depends on to get it up.

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Hot Bear Balloon T Shirt

by on September 27, 2011

There is a bear in a hot air balloon chasing after a dude that doesn’t look too happy that his nice solitary balloon trip to clear his head and look deep into his soul, has now turned into a aeronautic maneuver battle with a very angry animal. The other shitty thing for this dude is that he’s dropped all the sandbags to get away, and now he’s totally at the mercy of the winds.

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There’s a Facebook page devoted to this knock knock joke, except it doesn’t have “The” in front of “Doctor”. Should this Knock Knock Who’s There The Doctor T Shirt have “The” in front of “Doctor”. I don’t think so, except that it throws people off the scent of the joke for a little longer as they’re staring at your shirt. So, that builds up a little comic tension, which bursts like a blister all over the faces of anybody within a 4-foot radius of this comedic discovery. And that’s funny.

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This is what you call a contradiction or wordplay or weak shirt from Snorg Tees. Actually, it’s not one of my favorite, but if you like this type of humor then I think I’m Not Supersititious, It’s Bad Luck to Be Superstitious T Shirt is one of the best things ever printed on cotton (for you).

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There are interviews with Buzz Aldrin, in which he admits he was a bit of an alkie back in the pilot/astronaut days. I think that’s where this I’ve Got a Good Buzz T Shirt came from. That and it’s a wordplay software that Look At Me Shirts knocked out of the park. That’s a large mug of beer, so I don’t doubt Buzz has a buzz. Plus, it was picture day. How can you get something as shitty as that without a little drinking.

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Mixing it up a little this week, which is quite exciting. I like to see a little diversity in what’s hot on this site, and this week we certainly got it. We go from Star Wars to Hip Hop to Breaking Bad to find the shooting stars.

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Apparently on the TV show Big Brother there is a thing called a Head of Household (HOH) room, and that, of course, is what this Who Wants to See My HOH Room T Shirt is all about. This is another one of those bullshit reality shows, where everything is pretty much scripted. But, you know what? They’re addicting and if you can just suspend your disbelief a minute, watching the brain numbing entertainment will help you forget your miserable life. Ha Ha. Just kidding.

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Shark Chum Guzzler T Shirt

by on September 21, 2011

Is this a veiled sexual reference? Are we really talking about a cum guzzler, but then making it suitable for wearing in public, even if a child were to happen by. On the one hand, that’s nice to think of the children. On the other hand, why are you announcing to the world that you chug semen? Of course, I’m 40-years-old and live in my mother’s basement, so what do I know about how the world works. Maybe this is step 1A in the definitive courtship book

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This is some pretty funny stuff right here. Admiral Ackbar took some of the massive salary he earned as Admiral and started a little deli in Mon Calamari, featuring the best wraps you’ll ever have. It’s kind of a played out food, but believe me, the Admiral does it right.

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Of course you like Eastbound and Down and Kenny Powers, and even if his temperment wasn’t suited for the U.S. leagues, the latent pitching skills always enable him to land on his feet. He’s pitching in Mexico for Charros, still sporting the power number 55.

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Hey…who wants to be super classy? I know you do! That’s why I offer up the See You Tomorrow Corn T Shirt for your classy pleasure. You will impress EVERYBODY, because you have a smiling ear of corn on your shirt, then they’ll just be overwhelmed with admiration of how much of a class act you are as it slowly begins to dawn on them that that corn is going to see you tomorrow in your shit. It’s the sort of a ha moment that gets spiritual gurus laid…a lot.

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Robert Rodriguez is to be commended for his film From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, and what better way than but an unofficial shirt celebrating that den of evil that was Titty Twisters. I mean that place was off the chain wild and gruesome. Jim Brown, zombies, and Salma Hayek looking devilishly fine is an absolute recipe for disaster in sort of looked like the end of times once the shit really started to go down.

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