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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

The Muppets did Pigs in Space back in the day, and then they came out with the feature film this year, so naturally Snorg Tees hopped on the buzz train and put out this Pigs in Space T Shirt. Are you a fan of The Muppets? Did you see The Muppets on opening day in November? Was it as good as previous movies and the show? I need to know these things even though I didn’t watch much of the show or see any of the movies.

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I love this I’m the 1 Percent T Shirt. First, 1% milk blows. It’s a watery mess nobody should have to endure. If you’re going to do milk DO WHOLE MILK. So 1% is already conjuring up negative associations, which is good. Next,this milk carton dude is too dapper to be cool. You know how you can dress well and be okay, but if you go too far, like with a monocle, you’ve officially hit douchebag status. That’s where Mr. Milk is.

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Some how pineapples pop up in this show all the time. It’s a thing. Below is  a video showing a handful of pineapple citings. I like pineapple myself. I feel like wearing a shirt featuring a pineapple, like this I’ve Heard It Both Ways Pineapple T Shirt would be great. In fact, there should be a line of shirts just featuring fruit, because fruit is pretty cool and delicious.

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Sometimes you just need to pick up a hand-stenciled Monster Truck T Shirt and wear it on random occasions.

Am I right? I think I am. You may not even be into monster trucks or hand-stenciled designs, but that’s the beauty of it. Next time you go to a house party, they ask to take your coat, and you say “of course,” revealing this cool shirt as you hand it to them to throw on the master bed. They’ll give a double take, but not have time to ask you about it, because they have more coats to grab.

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Busted Tees seems to have a deal with Saturday Night Live to capture some of the hilarity from their skits on shirts, including this Happy Fun Ball T Shirt. If you haven’t seen this old school skit, it’s pretty damn funny (I embedded a crappy clip below).

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Sometimes all you need is words on a t-shirt like this one. This is funny and it’s true, which is why So Far I Seem to Be Immortal T Shirt is a tee that you should own within the next two weeks.

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You got your little play on words to that Jay Z song. Might be his only good song that 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. He might have another so all you haters out there keep it cool. Keep that saliva in your mouth, though if you want some civil discourse on the merits on Jay Z’s music, please put some words down in the comments. Of course, I think his work as 1% owner of the Brooklyn Nets has been nothing short of spectacular.

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Chocolate Earth T Shirt

by on December 13, 2011

You know how they call Washington D.C. Chocolate City. I thought that was what this was referring to. Like the natural progression of humankind was to be all black. Or maybe it was a Black Power statement. But, in reality, I think this Chocolate Earth T Shirt is just a goofy little number talking about the different layers of the earth in terms of confection (i.e. roasted peanuts, chewy caramel, nougat, milk chocolate). Either way I like it, and either way I’m listening to Chocolate City on Parliament’s 1975 album, Chocolate City, because it’s a damn good song. I know there are dude’s talkin’ about Chocolate City today, so to look up-to-date I shoulda referenced them, but none of that really interests me, like George Clinton and friends back in the day.

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I like this. I like the empty TV stand with a few random remotes strewn about, and, of course, the DVD player, or is that a DVR. Whatever, you get home sit down in your comfy chair and whammo, you have no TV. No Chopped. No CSI Bangladesh. No Laverne and Shirley 2011. Sad.

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Standard zombie fare here. For some reason the purple and orange really appeals to me as does the four panel lo fi artwork. Do you like this Zombies Run on Brains T Shirt? Let me know if you do or don’t or have no opinion whatsoever and were just here because you heard Booker Addison at Tshirt Groove was must read blogging (believe me there are millions just like you).

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“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”

Little known fact: Ray Parker Jr. was deathly afraid of ghosts and was totally lying as he sang the Ghostbusters theme song. Sometimes you gotta do things for money that you aren’t necessarily proud of, and Ray saying that wasn’t afraid of no ghosts, when really he suffered from Phasmaphobia is right up there with blasphemy as one of the unpardonable sins. Are there ghosts in hell?

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There is something really pleasing about this Beware of Introverts T Shirt. May be the cool little party dudes with teeth and hats. The one on the shelves rolling his eyes. I imagine that Jungle Love by The Time is playing right there. Then there’s the one that’s lost his hat because he is off the chain partying. Then there’s the puker. There’s always a puker. He’s a light weight and he drank a 5th of Scotch. Bad combination.

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