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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

3D Cock T Shirt

by on February 1, 2012

I’m not sure if there’s 76 pounds of innuendo with this tee, ‘cuz it sounds like something sexual, but the shirt itself is only a rooster in 3D. So, there’s no problem in mixed company, even with children around. In fact, they may be the biggest fans of the shirt featuring a neat animal. Bonus points if you carry a pair of cheap 3D glasses so friends, family, and young, fresh-faced strangers can enjoy the 3D Cock T Shirt in all its glory.

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I like this shirt. There are those commercials about getting a natural high from exercise, accomplishing goals, making art, or attaining professional status, and maybe having a loving family, but really those things are illusory and come and go like the wind, whereas marijuana is real and sustainable. It’s tangible. You can roll it in your hands. You can stuff it in the the bong. It will be there when you need it. It is a best friend, because lord knows you can’t trust humans to always be there for you. And it’s natural! Totally frickin’ natural! It should not be illegal.

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I’m not sure what to make of this tee. It may be edgy because you have a cute little stuffed doll, but the user is no longer playing innocently like a child with it. Instead, there are needles poked into it and part of an arm ripped off, which leads one to believe there is some voodoo going on here. This is somewhat disturbing, because voodoo is a dark art, and has great potential for harming people, who are not under psychic protection.

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Well this is pretty funny as we move into the silly political season. I actually think Ron Paul might be the most viable candidate out there. He probably won’t get the nod as the Republican nominee, but he might make some serious noise as an Independent. He’s against the wars. He’s against the fed. He wants to legal the marijuana. He’s violently opposed to all the fascist legislation that’s making its way around the Hill. He has warts, but I think even if he can deliver on 25% of that short list, he’ll be better by far than any President for quite some time. He really seems like he can’t be bought.

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This is the perfect shirt for the ADHD culture. Give a shout if you can’t pay attention to something for more than like 6 and a half seconds. Yay. This world is built for you now. Enjoy it. Revel in your superficiality and your short attention span. Yay. Going deep isn’t always everything it’s cracked up to be. The Crusades went deep. Exile on Main Street went deep. Your mama went deep and she just doesn’t get it.

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This Skyrim game is hugely popular and taking an Arrow in the Knee is an Internet meme. You put that phrase in the comments or on a message board and all of a sudden you become that guy. And, you know what, being that guy is not bad…really it has its perks. You may annoy all other commenters or message board contributors, but you still have a hook, unlike most of the boring freaks in the world that regularly post in forums across the globe.

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Indiana always got away with all the daring shit he did on his archelogical expeditions. But, I think he was just lucky. He could have easily had a misstep and died at the hands of the diabolical hands of those heinous individuals that create booby traps in caves and caverns and crypts…let’s call them booby trappers.

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I just typed in Workaholics tight butthole into Youtube, but the episode that contained this fine bit of humor didn’t show up. Wait, that’s a lie. The video entitled loose butthole also has the tight butthole clip, so enjoy that. Also, you will probably need to get the Tight Butthole T Shirt because it’s fabulous.

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I like this UK  Worm Sign t-shirt site, which leans heavily on the DJ culture for design inspiration. In fact, I really like this I Know It All Sounds the Same That’s How I Like It T Shirt because it answers a common misconception or willful ignorance or lack of openness with humor, which is always the best way to go.

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I really like Fakejoy’s tagline. Fabricate your happiness. In fact, I like their company name too. And you know what else: I like their shirts. How about all them apples. Anyway, you came here to get the scoop on the featured shirt from Fakejoy,  which is Tokyo to New York City (NYC). Both cities have been attacked by giant monsters, Godzilla and King Kong respectively, and both are great cosmopolitan metropolises teeming with life, activity, and vitality.

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It’s pretty obvious why T Rex hates the pushups. Right? His arms are too short. Can’t even reach the ground without his face getting in the way. Yet, the PE teacher is still always making him try and then making him feel like an idiot when he can’t get one done. Sorta sad and the kind of thing that needs to remember if, as a species, we want to evolve into better caretakers of the creatures of the earth.

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Have you ever seen the show Breaking Bad? Me neither, but apparently somebody has because there are about 46 trillion different Breaking Bad tee shirt designs floating around on this fine planet, including this Heisenbergs Mobile Cuisine T Shirt.

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