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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

This is a cute shirt. You definitely want to have a garment that has a computer wearing a sombrero and the words Long Live the Computer in Spanish. Am I right? If so, then you should not hesitate in getting the Viva Los Computadoras T Shirt and start wearing it immediately. You’ll live longer. You’ll have better sex. Your career goals will be met with ease. And, your children will become Titans of Industry or Wizards of Wall St.

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Don’t Tell My Mother I’m In… is a National Geographic show, where they travel all over and experience life in out of the way places. See the video below for an example. This Astronaut Don’t Tell My Mom T Shirt must mean, don’t tell my mom I’m on the moon. Am I getting this right? Can somebody help me with this. I’m sure I’ve grasped all the implications.

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This is about the 43rd Everyday I’m Shufflin’ T shirt I’ve seen. That LMAO song really captured the culture by the balls and made it pay attention, including all those creative funny folks that put hilarity on tees. That’s why this Shufflin’ To Do List T Shirt is another lovely play on the message of that fine and very popular song.

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What do we have here: IWAY EAKSPAY IGPAY ATINLAY. Do you understand what’s going on with this I Speak Pig Latin T Shirt. I think I do. It’s a pig in a toga and laurel on his head. There’s pig latin written on the shirt. It means I Speak Pig Latin in pig latin. Did they speak Latin back in Julius Caesar’s time? I guess Et, Tu…Brute is a little Latin, so I guess I answered my own question, and in doing so laughed so heartily at this shirt from Snorg Tees that I shit my pants.

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The Great One is Wayne Gretzky. Right? The clue is the 99. Nobody worthy of being called the Great One wore 99 besides Gretzky. The only trouble I see here is that there’s a crown, which alludes to the LA Kings, which were good, but not the golden years of The Great One. Sure he married a Hollywood actress, and she wanted him in Southern California, but he was Canadian, and his hay day as a player was with the Edmonton Oilers.

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That’s the Green Monster in Fenway with the Citgo sign in the background, except that it says Boston, because this shirt is aimed squarely at folks from Boston, who get pretty nostalgic about their town and their teams. Actually, I better make sure that’s the Green Monster or those same Bostonians may hunt me down and hurt me. I’ve seen all those movies set in Bean Town. The Departed, The Fighter, Transformers III. That’s some rough and tumble shit.

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The name of the fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier has always appealed to me in somewhat of a humorous way: Thrilla in Manila. You gotta have some sort of capacity to appreciate rhyme to take it in completely and when you do it’s appealing and funny. The fight in the Philippines was no joke though. Even if Ali was a joker with the press and showman in the ring. It was the real deal in October 1975. Ha ha. I have no idea what I’m talking about.

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If you have students that are looking to get into the medical profession, they’re going to need to know anatomy backwards and forewards, and early in their career, if you even have a cursory knowledge of the human body, you can make a couple bucks tutoring.

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This is a big burn. Everybody you see is going to feel burned. You’re going to be on fire burning people left and right and left and right and center. A movement may start against you because you are burning up the city. People are devestated. They can’t go on. They just read your Zombies Eat Brains So You’re Safe T Shirt and now they know their place. In fact, you may need to cover that thing up if there’s anyone you want on your side, otherwise you become the Lone Wolf. You drink alone. You walk alone. You drive alone.

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Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium was a rough place, but it housed the Eagles from 1971-2002 and the Phillies from 1971-2003 with aplomb. So, there was obviously the Philly pride, and I’m sure they had some damn fine pretzels, but I’m not quite sure what the prison means. Perhaps the site has been retrofitted to house criminals. I’m going to do 19 seconds more research to see if I can find the answer to this important question.

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The folks at Pud Tees are from the UK but living in Spain and they have really different looking tees than you normally see. For instance this That’s Right Meth’s T Shirt actually doesn’t make a lick of sense to me as a viewer from the US, but over there in Europe it’s probably the damndest funny thing you ever saw on cloth. But, that’s why I like this tee and many, many of the other over at Pud Tees. They are quite different. They’re quite odd. Half of them don’t make any sense, but they’re visually pleasing.

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Hunter S. Giraffe T Shirt

by on February 1, 2012

Damn. That giraffe totally looks like Hunter S. Thompson. What with the floppy bucket hat, glasses, and cigarette holder. It’s actually kind of spooky, and makes me think the design staff over at Headline Shirts is performing some sort of black magic to subsume the essence of the man, and birth him anew in ink on thread. Whatever the means, the ends–this Hunter S. Giraffe T Shirt–justify them thoroughly.

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