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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

I have always liked the look of the Converse All Star patch logo on the side of the high tops. Looks real cool as do the shoes. So, of course, I’m a big fan of this Cannabis All Star T Shirt as well. I don’t do a lot of the weed smoking, but I can appreciate a pro pot shirt, if only for the subversive nature of it. It’s like a colorful, eye-appealing dissenting voice against the War on Drugs, and the incarceration of thousands and thousands of people for victimless crimes.

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I think this is a real sign, and whether it is or not, it’s real funny. The little stick figure person with the arms straight up in the air in the stick figure water is somewhat of an idiot. You need to relax and tread water and not fight that fuckin’ rip tide. You may go way out there, but eventually you’ll be able to swim back in at your leisure.

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Hey, it’s coming down to this for a lot of people. The jobs keep disappearing. Nobody’s hiring. The bankers get richer and you’re stuck on unemployment, moving back into your parents basement. Now, you’re losing your self respect and things are starting to look a little dicey. What on earth are you going to do.

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“It’s a metaphor.”

“I get it.”

“But that really happened.”

Gotta love the Dodgeball and the Ben Stiller, especially with a fu manchu and a crotch pump. Good stuff. Plus, every time you wear this Grab the Bull by the Horns T Shirt (and it’s a foregone conclusion you’re getting it…right?) you will be motivated to grab hard for that elusive brass ring.

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The real beauty of this Troubleshooting the Hangover T Shirt is that there is a “u” missing in Troubleshooting. You know how the mint screws up on some of the money it prints and they money becomes a collectors item. Like Benjamin Franklin on the hundy scratching his armpit, when really he should be scratching his forearm.

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It’s very important that us Earthlings remember those species that have gone before us. It’s a way to have a more rich, fulfilling life with perspective and grace. This includes remembering the dinosaurs. Those enormous creatures from the past that were killed of by a toxic pesticide created by corporations, so they could get to the evil place they are today, namely ruling the world to death. The dinosaurs stood in corporations’ way, but those evil kleptocrats put science to work in order clear the decks of those pesky gigantic (and somewhat smelly) animals.

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This must be the telegraph the Wright Brothers sent out after they finally got their flying machine in the air December 17 1903 in the village of Kitty Hawk. They told their father they got it up in the air and to tell the press. At least that’s what I think it says. The mimeograph of the telegraph is a bit blurry. Not quite like email.

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I’m the first to roll my eyes at the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tshirt, because watching those idiot turtles literally makes me want to explode the world. But, and this is a big “but” this particular shout out to Leonardo is somewhat brilliant. Get it? You have Leonardo Davinci’s most famous painting, Mona Lisa. And you have the blue masked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle named Leonardo. So, naturally, you have Mona’s nose wrapped in the blue mask and looking just like Leonardo the Ninja turtle.

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Here’s a good one from Snorg Tees, referencing Wikipedia and its self-policing citation policies. Pretty cool system and a remarkable website I have to say. Lots and lots of information and a great place to do a first pass of research on a subject. If not totally accurate, it will at least point you in the right direction.

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Seahorse, Octopus, stingray, and big old fish. These are very nice submarine shapes. Basically, allows you to go into enemy waters without anybody suspecting anything, although maybe seeing a 30-foot tall seahorse may cause some naval alerts in the more skittish countries, I think you’re still pretty much incognito in these fine vessels.

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Everything I Enjoy is Either Immoral, Fattening, Expensive, or Impossible T Shirt. That’s a pretty good line, and a tough realization. Of course, it’s the first step to recovery if you can admit that all the stuff you enjoy is either unattainable or bad for you, then you can move on and resolve yourself to be bored stuff for the next 65 years.

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Jeremy Lin has caused a sensation in the biggest NBA market in the country. The Knicks are on a roll, and he’s a big part of the resurgence. Teammates have found new vigor with him on the court, and with the dueling superstars, Melo and Amare, on the bench.

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