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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

Quite a random shirt, but very true. Maintenance is the essence of life in terms of keeping yourself fed, sheltered, and your pubic hair well trimmed. There’s never a time in life where you can relax on any of this stuff and say I don’t need to maintain any more, unless, of course, you just give up like your Uncle Ron. Then, it’s pretty much game over. He’s saving a ton of time, but the bed sores are killing him.

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Is this like blue flame. It’s like the biggest blue flame you’ve ever seen. Some 350 pound dude with a scraggly beard and greasy hair decides to eat lard burritos ’til he’s over-full for two entire days straight. Then he gets a sweet Zippo lighter and gives his sister a flip cam, and, kaboom, epic blue flame…so epic he calls it Blue Sun. Maybe the corporation part comes later as he leverages the massive Youtube popularity into cold, hard, advertising dollar cash, which, smartly, he reinvests in a corporation trying to bottle a synthetic version of the explosive gas he produced out of his anus that fateful evening when he went all in.

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Hey, nothing like an offensive St. Paddy’s Day T Shirt. Right? I mean if you’re going out late at night on the special day and you’re in establishments with other adults, it probably isn’t a problem to wear this Blow Me I’m Irish T Shirt, especially since there’s a cute little smiley face in the four-leaf clover. That makes it none offensive even if you are basically asking anybody and everybody you pass to put their mouth on your penis.

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This IS the Official Irish Drinking Team T Shirt. People are going to be very impressed when you’re wearing this, because they are going to truly think that you’re on the team, and have a tremendous proclivity for drinking whiskey and beer in great quantities. And, if you aren’t a super alcoholic, you can always say you’re saving yourself for the next match.

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What a cute little shirt. Rainbow. Sun. Cloud. Wait what does that say? Oh my, that’s not cute at all. Ew…look at those colors. Whoever heard of an orange and black rainbow. This Eat Shirt T Shirt is terrible. Sorry, I was just imagining a friend of your mother coming up to you and experience an entire wide range of emotions from delight to disgust as she figures out what this shirt from Busted Tees says.

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This either speaks to the fact that you have to carve out about 3 and half hours to play a full game of monopoly, which becomes pretty dang monotonous. Or it may be nice social commentary: every bit of news that comes out about Wall St. is the same ol’ same ol’. Politicians in the pockets of bankers, and bending to every whim. If there are more than a dozen straight shooters on the Hill I’m flabbergasted, because to me it seems like nearly all of them are crooked.

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Irish T Shirt

by on March 5, 2012

Irish with the lightning bolt for the middle “I” is pretty cool. I like the look of that and it will be a fabulous thing to wear for Saint Patrick’s Day, which is right around the corner. Some of these St. Patty’s shirts are a little over the top with their heavy drinking vibe, so if you want something a little more understated, then you probably want to go with this Irish T Shirt.

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I guess if a cookie is wearing glasses and reading a book, you have to say it’s a pretty smart cookie, because I’m going to tell you something right now that may shock and/or upset you. Most cookies are illiterate. That’s right! I said it. Cookies for the most part are illiterate. You get one that’s reading like on this One Smart Cookie T Shirt you’re taken aback. It’s an odd site. And if you’re honest with your self you would realize this is the truth.

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Penguins are getting their body measurements. Feeling fabric. Lookin’ sharp. I can’t tell if we have a fancy clothier here or if the Emperor penguins decided to take this on themselves as something of a farce. Yes, we look like we have suits on, so to be goofy we’re going to make our own suits.

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This is kind of a funny little twist to the popular saying “That Just Happened,” which is used when something awesome between two people and is immediate recognized as something out of the ordinary. In the case of the Yesterday, That Just Happened T Shirt we’re talking about a goofy little obvious statement that plays on the cute little phrase that has slipped into the popular vernacular.

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This is funny. The fine print says “shoot the first one and the word will spread,” meaning shoot the first daughter that comes of dating age and the message will spread to the rest of the daughters that they probably shouldn’t date until they’re over 41 years old.

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It’s probably best not to speak when you get pulled over for a field sobriety test. Though it probably doesn’t matter when you blow a .16. However, when you’re at the bar or party, this I Swear to Drunk I’m Not God T Shirt will work just fine as a humorous little ice breaker, and that’s exactly what it’s intended to be. Plus, people with Messiah complexes are not fun to be around, so this tee from Deez Teez, tells people you are not under any illusions about being God or his one and only son Jesus. That’s a bonus.

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