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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

You cannot get enough LMAO Everyday I’m Shufflin’ spinoffs. It’s not possible. The song has too much power. It’s the blood of the zeitgeist. More than the occupy movement or iPad 3, you have LMAO singing that catchy song and doing that dirty dance. And, now it’s everywhere.

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See Abe Lincoln as President of the United States made some enemies. Something about how there shouldn’t be slavery, and a whole region was like, WTF, free labor is how we make our money. How are we gonna survive? And Abe said, you better get some better business acumen and learn how to make money without the free labor. And those imbecile Southerners were like, no we won’t do it. So, then Abe said, well, I hate to do this but we’re gonna have a civil war to get this shit straight. And, the US proceeded to engage in super bloody four year conflict, which remains the deadliest in the countries’ history: 620,000. Sometimes you gotta do the right thing.

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Um. How is the main dude over at Rizzo Tees not locked up for eight concurrent life sentences for this brutal attack on an innocent dog animal. He could murder somebody for real and get life in prison but paroled in 10 years, but creating this Skeet Shoot with Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua T Shirt potentially has him rotting in prison for life.

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This chap is ready to take his fine nautical skills to the next level by sailing into the most dangerous waters going today. Throwback pirates infest the waters of Somalia. Everybody in the nautical world knows this. Therefore, if you make a declaration such as the boldness fond on this I’m Going Sailing Off the Coast of Somalia T Shirt, then basically you’re just an adrenaline junky. Just because the guy on this shirt looks like he grew up in a tony ‘burb in New England, with a gold spoon in his mouth, and a trust fund at 18, he still either has a screw loose or an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

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Another offensive shirt you can wear on St. Patty’s Day. This Do You Have a Little Irish in You? Would You Like Some T Shirt is saying that if you answer that you don’t have any Irish in you, then maybe you would little like to have some Irish in the form of sexual relations in you. Racy. I know. But, again, some of the offensiveness is mitigated by the fact that there’s a cute leprechaun offering up a four leaf clover.

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Kind of an odd phrasing, but combined with the image, this I Suck Vamp T Shirt really works. Very graphic. If this is the kind of message you want to carry on your chest you ain’t half stepping with this one. People will know what you’re trying to get across at least visually, because, again, this thing is oddly phrased.

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You don’t have to say that again. The scene has been migrating from downtown to uptown for years and now it’s finally being recognized. Always takes a while for the information on the street level to hit the peeps in the nose bleed seats if you know what I’m saying. Thing is this Uptown’s the New Downtown T Shirt has a pretty fresh message because the homies at Polly & Crackers keep their ear to the ground.

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I have no idea what’s going on in this shirt. There’s a bird on a bare tree. I’m guessing the pretty part is the bird. Maybe the bird’s name is Pretty Boy, which is a common bird name. What you don’t see in this image that takes this You Are so Pretty To Me T Shirt to the next level is the birds marching across the back. No joke there are to little yellow birds on the bottom right back of this tee.

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If you like the random shit in life and if you like to wear original looking t-shirts that your creepy uncle does not wear (wait maybe he is the one that wears these) then you better take advantage of this deal, and that’s not a lie.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes

Nice little subterfuge right here by using the phrase Kill ‘Em in conjunction with an image of The Dalai Lama. Because he’s all about peace, and this is sort of a peace message, but still has a exhortation to kill ’em. Pretty good stuff. And paradoxical. And confusing. And enlightening.

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Do Irish people even get hungover. Or maybe they feel like they don’t because that’s their permanent state. Kind of a glazed general annoyance, which can only be turned to joviality with more of the hair of the dog that bit ’em. Of course, this is a stereotype. Not all Irish people are alcoholics. Probably only 92% of the adult population, and only 71% of the kids under 18. Not bad. Not bad.

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With all the fake moon landing talk and the ending of the Space Shuttle program, sometimes someone somewhere needs to stand up and say they still believe. Is it you? If you, the first step is getting this I Still Believe in Outer Space T Shirt.

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