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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

What is this? Some kind of Obi Wan Kenobi with a lisp type of deal. Young padwan May the Fourth be With You T Shirt. If that’s what’s going on then you probably want this May the 4th Be With You T Shirt, if, that is, you have a sense of humor about your Star Wars love. Not everybody is going to accept a little wordplay on a very important George Lucas concept like this.

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It’s a cat on a keyboard. Ahhhhhhhh. If you’re one of those Internet cat people, then you probably need to own this How Do You Like Me Meow T Shirt.

Who started the How You Like Me Now phenomenon? It was someone that was kept down for a while. Maybe they were a late bloomer. Maybe their feet stank unbearably. But, they rose up from adversity — kids just mercilessly making fun of them — and grabbed the ring and didn’t let go. Now they’re famous and in the flow, while their friends are car washers and leaf blowers.

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Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds was a character on the TV Show Firefly. According to this Reward Dead or Alive Captain Mal T Shirt. He was wanted dead or alive in the show. He’s an outlaw and a bandit and you can celebrate his free spirit with this shirt from Snorg Tees.

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This is a nice little parody of the Aldi logo from Brother Adam de la Mare available over at Red Bubble. Well, what you have is a little rearranging of letters that results in Salvador Dali’s last name on the Aldi logo. And, of course, the cursory waxed mustache. I like juxtaposing a Spanish impressionist painter with buying groceries in bulk for cheap.

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I like this shirt. Skull with yellow glasses on. I don’t even think there are lenses. Of course, who needs lenses when your dead. Eyesight isn’t an issue. The style is the only you have going for you, because skeletons are cool.

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Kangaroo versus man in a fight to the death. Those damn crazy Australians know how to be entertained. That particular kangaroo may look cute, but she’s killed 47 men in little over nine months. Not many dudes are willing to get in the ring with her, which is why they’re forcing convicts to fight.

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Hey, here it is. The top funny 32 Busted Tees T shirts for sale in their catalog right now. You don’t want to miss this definitive list because it’s done by the funny t shirt emperor of the galaxy (FYI – that’d be me).

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First thing you notice with this Brain Cone Ice Cream T Shirt is that it looks like the aftermath of a really bad or good, depending on how you look at it, weekend in Vegas. That doesn’t make any sense, but the cherries on top of the brain inside the sugar cone made me think of it because in the slot machines in Vegas, or at least the Vegas I’ve seen on the movies, cherries are often the coveted images. Get three of those and you win.

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God…Samuel L. Jackson was good in Pulp Fiction. Don’t you agree? The jeri curl and the Bad Mother Fucker attitude. Well, now, you can tell the world that you enjoyed his character and the film in general by purchasing the Bad Mother Fucker Wallet T Shirt. It’s a very classy piece of apparel that will look great and go over like gangbusters on any occasion.

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Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

Kind of a nice collection of old school cameras on this cute Take My Picture T Shirt. Ah, remember film and dark rooms and crazy painful experiences like having to take the film out of the camera in the dark and spool it up and throw it in the chemicals, and pray to God your photography 101 classmates heeded the red light and did not walk in and expose your film. Me neither, but it sounds like a horror story.

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This may be because you’re smothering with your helpfulness, Mr. Paperclip. Sometimes people just need some space to work things out on their own without you sliding into the picture and acting all smug like you have the answers to everything. This is the reason nobody is concerned for your well being. You’re overbearing. Now you’re crying and rusting yourself and wetting the paper. That’s a mess and you’re falling down on your duty.

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I guess you run into licensing issues if you throw a Detroit Tigers hat on this pi symbol with sunglasses and mustache, so I’m going to give Snorg Tees a pass on this one, especially since it’s a truly fabulous design. Excellent colors. Beautiful sun. Lovely palm trees. And, of course, Magnum. This is high level humor with the math wordplay, and if you did your 80s television watching you know exactly what’s going on and truly appreciate it.

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