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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

Very clever shirt this one. Have you ever been to the Arch over there on the Mississippi River on the border of Missouri and Illinois. Actually, not the easiest place to play croquet because you are on the water. You normally think of golf as having water features — no wait that’s a landscaping term — golf has water hazards, and I would say if we’re going to follow the wonderful logic on this St. Louis Home of Giant Croquet T Shirt, then you have to say that croquet has water hazards as well. Makes for an interesting game.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

I feel like I need to go to Wikipedia and figure out what Teddy Roosevelt was all about, otherwise I’m not sure I’ll have a lot to write about regarding this whacky 3D Roosevelt T Shirt.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

I love the direction Headline Shirts is going with this I’d Like to Buy Some Drugs T Shirt. It’s supra funny, because the phrasing sounds so corny and stilted. It’s a perfect way to portray a narc or mole at a party. They’re trying to find the dealer. They’re trying to fit in. They’re asking around. One tip to make it seem more natural man with the wire on his chest: ask for the drug you’d like to buy by name, preferably the street name. Heroin = horse. Marijuana = fun grass. Cocaine = booger sugar.

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Brother Adam has put together a cool make your own t-shirt website called Meesie. Basically, you upload a photo add some filters or backgrounds or other creative stuff, then pick the color of the shirt you want and boom, the Justin Bieber at the strip club shirt you have ached for for 17+ years is now yours.

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Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

Narwhals get a lot of shirt exposure in these new crazy Internet times. Not sure why. I guess they really are a little mystical looking with that crazy tusk or horn or whatever it is. And I suppose they really could be compared to unicorns. Do you agree? Do you like narwhals? Have you ever seen one in the wild, or are you basing your like of the animal on the appearance of a narwhal in Elf? You can be honest. We’re all friends here at Tshirt Groove. This is a safe place.

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This knight used to live in glorious medieval times and then he took an arrow to the knee and was somehow transported to the 21st century where there’s all this weird technological gadgetry, and nurses with white shoes (actually this nurse seems to be in black heels which seems very odd, but that’s what happens when you get an arrow to the knee…reality distorts). Where’s the mutton chops and iron weaponry? This dude is confused. He’s in a wheelchair. He’s got a bag of glucose pumping in his veins. He won’t take off his helmet, because there’s a bit of fear of the unknown, and he doesn’t want to let the woman see he’s crying because he misses home and he has an arrow in his knee.

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This Hello Kitty Darth Vader T shirt almost has a graffiti street art vibe to it. Love the mashup with Hello Kitty morphing into the dark lord Darth Vader. I don’t know if I should cry, laugh, or run for my life. Can you imagine this on a pink vinyl backpack or a pink vinyl wallet or a pink vinyl pair of skin-tight pants?

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Nice little play on probably the most famous scene from Lord of the Rings. Gandalf telling that fire-breathing, horned, devil beast that he shall not pass, allowing the crew to get to safety. Put in modern times, Gandalf is the stop light and that beast (or mouth-breathing a**hole who’s been riding your ass for 15 blocks now) is going to have to stop because of the power of the white wizard.

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Zombies are bad, but zombies from Hell are worse. I would have to say that is very true. Or maybe that Zombies Bad Worse T Shirt is saying that if you’re stuck in hell with zombies that’s the worst. Being on Earth with zombies is bad. Being in purgatory with zombies is really bad. And being in the sulphur flames enveloped by pure evil and being attacked by hordes of the undead is horrific.

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Space Balls. May the Schwartz Be With You. Mel Brooks put together some goofus movies in his time and this certainly was no exception. I like taking the piss out of Yoda and the Force of Star Wars fame, because it’s all just a little too ponderous and meaningful.

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What the…This Too Much Rock for One Hand is a local shop and I’m just now discovering them? Guess maybe I should leave my mother’s basement more often and meet some people. Build up my network. Of course, that’s a scary proposition, especially when you have power rock crews like these folks roaming the Milwaukee streets.

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This design is from some absurd British Television show called 2 Cool Fishing. Dude is out doing some night fishing on a lake and all of a sudden it gets misty and a greenish dude is in his boat. He’s sort of not happy ‘cuz the fisherman has hooked him in the head. Old Gregg calls him a motherlicker. I could go on with a blow by blow account but I suppose you might want to watch it for yourself, which you can do below.

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