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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

pimpin-aint-easy-in-a-recession-tshirtYou know the hustle and flow. Pimpin’ ain’t easy. And it especially ain’t easy in a recession. Guys don’t have that disposable income or walkin’ around for a blow job money they stuffed their pockets with before this recession/depression hit.

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beer-pong-hero-tshirtMan you gotta let it loose on the weekend. After a tough week of downloading Smog records on the fastest torrent. Keeping everybody up-to-date on every hottie you see on campus via twitter and delivering hoagie sandwiches every evening, your tired and ready to get your drink on.

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Bolo Tie T Shirt

by on May 11, 2009

bolo-tie-tshirtThis is a very classy tshirt. The bolo tie is appropriate for any formal occasion. The bolo tie on a tshirt is very appropriate for any formal occasion and for any gathering if you get right down to it.

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knowing-is-half-the-battle-the-other-half-is-violence-tshirtKnowledge is power. Violence is power. Exponential mass blow you away benefits if you combine the two. Like for instance. If the US had the knowledge going in to the Iraq thing, they actually would have never done it and there would never have been any violence against US soldiers. Oh wait…bad example. OK, sending a shitload more troops to Afganistan is knowledgeable because we all know from past experience (can you say Soviet quagmire) that there’s no way in hell that you can flush out bad guys in that mountainous terrain, nor find them in the populated zones…so bust out the violence. Oh wait, another poor example.

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id-hit-that-tshirtI hate to even bring this card to the attention of all the millions of faithful readers, because cards and sex is usually the wrong thing to do. But, when it comes to the time-honored tradition of playing on words, showing 11 at the blackjack table and saying you’d hit it, which is absolutely the right play, is quite humorous. It tickles the fancy fo’ sho’.

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waking-up-early-is-for-the-birds-tshirtTrue. True. True. Let ’em get the worms. I don’t want any worms. Speaking of birds getting worms, I saw this robin kinda standing around looking like she had no purposeful intent, then all of a sudden poke her beak in the grass and come up with a big, fat worm. Do these birds have that build in worm underground sonar thing or what? This robin kept scoring over and over. It was amazing, but still didn’t make me want to get up early to get the worms.

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safety-thirdYou know sometimes you just need to cut loose. Conjure your inner Evil Knievel, throw caution to the computer-geek right fielder and say out loud to the little kids you’re trying to push off the merry-go-round, “Safety Third.”

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sorry-about-what-happens-later-teeYou have to be sophisticated when it comes to the social graces of trolling the streets and bars for companionship and tail. Put your best foot forward, let the drunk haze accentuate the good, then be yourself after the good times rolled. You have the signed waiver that says you’re covered from having to carry on the chivalrous night charade for more than a conniving evening.

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gluten-for-punishment-tshirtWith all the hubbub about crooked bankers, greedy CEOs and bought and paid for politicians, the high profile peddlers of gut-wrenching gluten always seem to get a free pass…until now. That little squishy dough boy is getting his just deserts really: the stockade.

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Pezbians T Shirt

by on April 27, 2009

pezbians-tshirtThere’s really not much more you can say about this shirt. These pez chics are goin’ at it. You got the camera. It’s goin’ on youtube.com, and you’re getting a million hits. End of story. God bless the Internet, God bless the bi-curious. God bless the candy industry.

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you-have-just-eaten-poison-tshirtNow that’s a fortune cookie you can believe in. All this other ethereal bullshit. You will have your greatest day within the week. Trees will whisper sweet nothings in your ear. 87 is lucky on the first Tuesday every other month. The people writing these probably got tired of lying, fabricating, misleading and decided to do something about it.

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drunk-yelling-tshirtJust a snifter of brandy. A splash of sherry. A fifth of Jack. And a re-run of TJ Hooker. TV can be very irritating when you’re two sails to the wind and heading for a massive hangover in the morning.

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