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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

Snug Life Tshirt

by on May 20, 2010

Another absolutely beautiful shirt. Snuggies, cornrows, sunglasses, flashing westside. This is a classic shirt. This gangsta is a bad ass but is also a conneisuer of comfort and convenience, which is why he’s wearing the velour bathrobe backwards. You know that gangster ain’t strugglin’ while in his chilly crib reading that Jane Austen book recommended by Oprah. He’s toasty despite keepin’ it real with the thermostat of 61 de-grees. Wait, is that Michael Beasley? I thought he lived in Miami. Must be that cool evening ocean air.

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Sometimes it gets a little too deep, a little too heavy here at Tshirt Groove with all of the social commentary and dissemination of important information. The politics. The philosophy. The theology. Sometimes you just have to lighten up, kick up your feet and say “fuck it.” I’m going silly stupid. And that’s when you start the third grade wordplay and the fart jokes.

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No shit. It’s a hammer and nails. Drill is more gun shaped. Has a bit, some adjustment buttons, a power button, and may or may not have a chord depending on whether it’s cordless or not. This is obviously one of the most common tools in the world, the hammer, not a drill, so why even put that on a shirt. Can you believe this? Who’s going to buy this?

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Hey, let’s get this out in the open right away. This becomes another very nice addition to my favorite tshirts to wear to work series that is formulating quite nicely in the deep recesses of my mind. Come in scratching your balls, bed head, yawning, eye boogers, looking off into the cubicles beyond, and getting nothing down and let your shirt tell the story of why.

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That isn’t one of those remote control boats or ships in a bottle. That’s the real thing with dozens of hands that can be called on deck, a captain, a sloppy cook, two stowaway fey 18-year-old poets, and nine hookers. This is not a toy, and just look at what that manatee has done. It is so big that when it surfaced, it shook loose the 17th green at Augusta and that ship ran aground right on top of it.

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This is most certainly true. I can’t agree more. I know from personal experience that I’m a much better person when I’m wearing a nice, full moustache on my person. Now, you look at this shirt and you start to really see the power of the ‘stache. I mean it’s versatile. Look at all the different styles: big and bushy, thin and whispy, heartily waxed and shaped and everything in between. It’s miraculous. Not to mention the wide assortment of things these moustaches are making better. Look at the range. Spatula, perfume, stapler, kitty, toilet paper roll, to go coffee, and an alarm clock. And this by no means covers it. Virtually anything is improved with the moustache.

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You know I never really thought about the hazards of jet packing. I mean you’re blowing flames probably 6 inches from your back down toward your legs and feet. If you forget the fire-retardant asbestos jump suit, you very well may have a burning leg issue on your hands, which I imagine is very difficult to deal with 1200 feet in the air with your hands occupied with steering and accelerating with the jetpack handles.

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Size Matters is a pretty dorky name for this tshirt. Doesn’t really capture the humor that’s going on here. Don’t get me wrong the graphic artistry is top notch in delivering the funny, but the name just doesn’t work. Apparently, there was a popularity contest to name, which is why there’s a little disconnect. The pros designed it but didn’t name it.

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It’s about time these zoo animals that escape are put through due process, rather than getting off scott free because they’re “wild beasts” and can’t help mauling the people around them. Same thing as the insanity plea. Pretty much anybody that kills someone in cold blood is “insane” at the time of the murder. You have to be to pull something like that off.

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Love the hovering Gandhi head, the bright pink lettering, and, of course, the message. After he got through with all that hairy nonviolent resistance to the British Empire, Gandhi figured he’d done all the heavy lifting he needed to accomplish in his lifetime. The rest of his time on Earth was devoted to spreading the message of chill.

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Not to minimize the plight that suffer from this horrible affliction on the job, on the bus, and at Sunday School, but this is funny. Like certain attentions in one context is something that can get you fired, where in another context it can get you laid and loved. That’s why I think anybody that makes it to the age of 60 with mind and body fairly well intact is a fucking hero. And sophisticated in a certain way.

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Very nice work taking a risque but somewhat culturally accepted topic like friends with benefits, where parts of society are admitting to the need of straight sexual relationships with no strings attached, and accepting that isn’t necessarily a bad thing amongst consenting adults.

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