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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

At first you laugh at the patheticness of the dude. Yawning injury! But, once you look at the intensity and grandness of his yawn, you realize, man that guy is lucky not to injure himself every morning. Look at that wingspan. Look at the unhinging of the jaw. What is that a boa constrictor swallowing a wild pig. That is no joke. Takes practice. Takes perfect form every time. And, if you’ve just been woken by your radio alarm with Justin Bieber crooning in your ear, you may not be totally on your game. That can throw a man seriously off.

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The World Cup 2010 has begun.

This Tshirt captures the beauty of those long-winded goal calls with the classic tshirt humor. Yeah, it’s awesome. Yeah, it’s really cool. Yes, the man scored. OK, that’s enough. Stop doing the airplane. Stop saying that goal thing now. Get back to the line and play some futbol.

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Christopher Walken is walkin’ on sunshine. And you know he could do that number while dancing. He’s a very talented man and such an iconic figure on the big screen. That is why if I was a betting man, I’d say there’s a 92% chance you’ll buy I’m Walken on Sunshine Tshirt today.

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This is a terrific shirt. Makes me want to start growing a gnarly Grizzly Adams beard. At least a Zach Galifianakis face warmer. From the looks of it you have your work cut out for you to reach the end of the ruler. It’s a nice touch that they offered the measurement in both centimeters and inches.

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When it comes to atomic nuclei, nuclear physicists really know what time it is. Now, I’m not sure this science has really done the world a lick of good. I guess if a dodgy country like the USSR was fast and furiously trying to produce one, it was reasonable at that point to keep up with the arms race in order to have the Mexican Standoff, called the Cold War, that lasted my entire childhood.

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Hey, Summer in Sacramento worked a deal with Snorg Tees, so that she can run a drawing for a free tshirt. You know Snorg Tees is one of my favorite funny tshirt retailers, so get over to virtual Sacramento and sign up for the drawing.

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This is an interesting article in the LA Times about the possible demise of American Apparel. I know the head honcho over there is a douche and their ads risque and their prices high, but they manufacture in the United States and sell a line of organic cotton items, so I’m rooting for the company. I’m sure many of the funny tshirt retailers are also rooting for them as well, since must of them print on American Apparel.

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A Yes We Cannabis Tshirt was the subject of a bit of backlash about a week ago in Aurora, CO. A medical marijuana patient, John Gailey, was stuck with a trespassing charge by a bunch of retard security guards and banned from the Town Center at Aurora for a year.

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If you really want to feel like the world is OK, that the children will be alright, that the environment will clear itself up, and that you’ll be happy again. Take a look at this innocent little picture.

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The amp in This is Spinal Tap goes to 11, because it’s that bad ass. But, you know what? That movie was in 1984. 26 years ago. It’s time to take it to even a higher level. Are you with me on this? Can you feel it? If so, then you definitely need to rock the This One Goes to 12 Volume Knob T-shirt.

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In most metropolitan areas, there’s a rich vein of local artists that have no idea how to market themselves, nor how much their work is worth. A sharp entrepreneur with an eye for artistic talent or at least connections to people with an eye for hot shit can make a pretty penny teaming up with the locals.

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Here’s a very possible short scene highlighting the evils of the Devil Weed.

Glaucoma Patient: Doc…I think it’s working.
Doc: Why even come back to me if you think IT is working. You know how I feel about this.
Glaucoma Patient: Come on Doc, I was scared of losing my site, and I’d heard cannabis could help.
Doc: Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better.
Glaucoma Patient: I am. I really am, but I still wanted a professional opinion on where I’m at.
Doc: Fine. Fine. Just remember I told you marijuana has possible side effects.
Glaucoma Patient: I know. I know. Gateway drug. Lung issues. I’ll take the risk.
Doc: I was thinking more of the mental issues, like acute paranoia.
Glaucoma Patient: I’m fine. I feel good.
Doc: All right. All right. Cover your right eye. Read the chart. Start from the top.

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