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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

If Alan Grayson doesn’t run and Stewart and Colbert don’t want to take the pay cut that being a Presedential ticket would require, then this Zombie Washington is probably our next best bet. Should probably start the campaign now. Wait, does anybody know where the undead founding father is these days. Perhaps haunting the cherry tree orchard in Virginia or whever that was where he couldn’t tell a lie.

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Dude, Mike Myers was absolutely brilliant in the Austin Powers movies. Am I right? Anyway, of course, this is in reference to Dr. Evil, and his strong desire to have sharks with lasers at his evil disposal.

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Funny play on the original transitive pictograph verbalization, which launched an absolute phenomenon. I heart NY in the twisted minds of Snorg Tees, becomes I Only Like NY as a Friend T Shirt. Now, it’s good to draw specific boundaries with cities with millions of people in them. Otherwise, it’s all give, give, give and you drain yourself completely.

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I don’t know what all you have going on on this shirt but it is awesome. You have a hot mermaid with an American flag, sitting on a T Rex, who’s driving a rocket powered motorcycle while wearing a astronaut helmet. I think I got the major pieces here.

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This is terribly racist or xenophobic or something. It actually took me a second, so maybe you need a second. I’ve actually had a few bikes stolen myself, and I’m pretty sure diversity was the culprit as well. Yeah, they’re saying that minorities steal bikes. Awful isn’t it. But, somehow it’s true in Sunshine’s case and it is true in my case. The whole deal behind T Shirt Hell is to be over-the-top offensive to get a reaction but also to get you thinking.

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Hey, I call straight up shenanigans here. Print the text sideways and make people turn their head and voila, you have something to talk about. Very solid interactive shirt with unlimited possibilities. If you’re in a mean mood, you knee them in the jaw as they contort to read. If you’re in a nice mood you pat them on the head. Amorous mood, well I’m not gonna get into that on this family blog. Oh wait, this is the furthest thing from a family blog, but I’m still not gonna get into, ‘cuz my mom just walked into the basement.

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You have seen the double rainbow guy’s video already. I don’t even need to link to that. Right? Basically, Bear Vasquez took a hit a acid, stomped around the woods, and ended up seeing a double rainbow, which made him freak out, because of the significance of it all. He couldn’t wrap his mind around “what does it all mean.” Hence, you have a What Does It Mean T Shirt for sale. If you’re into wearing the latest in Internet sensations on your chest then this is probably a very terrific shirt for you.

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Another terrible, terrible t shirt from Tshirt Hell, but you know what? You can see that there’s a real softy underneath all that offensive bluster. I mean Sunshine Megatron is putting a big pink ribbon on a tshirt and mentioning Breast Cancer, so even if he says he’s not into it, and even though he’s hiding behind an obscene joke, he really is building awareness. His site gets millions of visitors. Thousands will buy and wear this I’m Not Into Breast Cancer Awareness I Just Support Huge Tits T Shirt.

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Comma Chameleon T Shirt

by on October 20, 2010

What we have here is a little shout out to Boy George, and boy let me tell you, it’s long over due. Ground breaking in the sexually confusing world of singing artistry. What a talent! What a band! And, now we have this little wordplay that is worthy of being associated with that phenomenon.

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So, here we have the Keep Calm and Carry On theme just like the Keep Calm and Put Bacon On Tee from Snorg Tees that was also put out this week. What kind of outlandishness is this? The same theme on the same week, how randomly lovely is that. Anyways, I love the original message for inspiring a strong get through it attitude. I dig the white on red brightness to balance out the somber messaging. And, I really dig this new developing meme, capitalizing on this public domain material that’s taking the message into wild, wild spaces.

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Interesting bit about the shirt that inspired this parody. Keep Calm and Carry On was a slogan on a poster printed in 1939 by the British Government’s Ministry of Information to stiffen the resolve of a country that was being blitzed by the Nazis.

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Number one: the only way this fish knows about the Guiness Book of World Records longest time playing dead by a fish in water is if this owner of the fish constantly has his TV on the GBOWR channel. Like 24-7. Because you see…fish can’t read. Their eyes don’t work like that. They can’t make out the little words. Yeah, maybe there’s a color photo of the previous world record holder but that really could be anything. Most miles wimming on his back. Longest time singing to Darfur refugees. Anything…so, long story short, I think this fish really did die because he was exposed to too much television.

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