Random T Shirts

Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

I Heart Accuracy T Shirt

by on November 15, 2010

Transitive pictograph verbalization alert. And a good one too. Image of a real heart with veins, arteries, and ventricles, instead of the cartoonish heart shape, and of course, connecting that with accuracy. Well, executed, funny, and I heart it.

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Everything I eat tastes bitter these days. I started to really notice it today so I Googled it, which isn’t always the greatest idea. It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you search for information on health symptoms, you’re going to find enough concerning information that makes you think you’re probably going to die in the next 14 minutes of some rare disease or virus or something.

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Silent But Deadly T Shirt

This ninja has taken it to the next level. He can even control the volume of his farts. You don’t learn that at sea level, though. He had to climb the mountain and visit with the Wise Master to learn that kind of sphincter control.

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The U.S. is in high alert. The Roman Catholic in the United States is down to only six exorcists. They’re holding open tryouts this weekend to try to bolster those numbers to 122. Thank God. These demon possessed people are overrunning the place. It’s a mess.

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Just in time for Christmas (did I really just say that on Nov. 13 – I’m a commercial whore), check out these funny ninja t shirts. They make great gifts for the ninja lover with a sense of humor in circle of family and friends. They will absolutely love you for this. And, of course, if you’re the ninja fan, you are encouraged to buy a few for yourself, because you have to take care of number one before you can give to others. Am I right?

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Man I love The Hangover, and I especially love Zach Galifianakis. Cannot get enough of him. Crazy for his tsunami of humor that mixes sweetness, harshness, abrasiveness, arrogance, humility, physicality, and the Beard.

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Thesaurus Dinosaur T Shirt

by on November 11, 2010

I have to admit I kind of always ignored this shirt, but let me tell you what, the more I think about it,  the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s clever, funny, and, of course, it features a nerdy dinosaur, which is totally and thoroughly excellent.

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Not that I give a shit about college football, but I had no idea that players got paid. I mean I saw He Got Game when Jesus Shuttlesworth was treated to a threesome with a couple of buxom sorority call girls, but that was the movies. Never in my wildest dreams did I think these hardworking young athletes, who have about a 1%  chance of making it to the pros, and a 79% chance of being nearly crippled by the time they turn 45, would take a little money to represent a university in a sport that generates millions and millions of dollars every year.

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Wordplay. Wordplay. But, before I get to deep into the meaning of this fine shirt, can I ask a favor of Snorg Tees. Please don’t put your models in such unfortunate circumstances as you have put poor young Marissa Pierce. I mean, lighting some little tinder is cool, especially in conjunction with this shirt, but the look on this beautiful girl’s face is not becoming. It looks like it’s taking all of her mental powers to put flame to stick or bark or whatever. Tongue out in a truly durr facial expression moment. Did you have to go with that one? You couldn’t look at the shot as you were going and say, let’s try another one with you lighting the wood. Oh well. It’s actually kind of cool that you ran a not so perfect pose to promote this killer Pyros of the World Ignite T Shirt.

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Can anybody get enough Ninja stuff? I can’t because it’s mysterious and funny all wrapped up into one. I wonder who started using ninja for humor, because that person deserves a hearty pat on the back and a two-handed handshake and a frosty mug of kombucha drink.

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This is a pretty crazy story. Some huge missile was shot off early today of the coast of Los Angeles and nobody is taking credit or blame for it. Has anyone checked in on the Balloon Boy family? Maybe they stepped up their game, and got into the harder aeronautical stuff for a little mysterious headline grabbing event.

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Bigfoot is Phony T Shirt

by on November 9, 2010

Nice little wordplay, along with image play here. You have the whole notion that bigfoot isn’t real, which is the same thing as calling him a phony. But, you get the added touch of bigfoot dressed up like a douchebag in Kanye glasses, BlueTooth headset, shortsleeve button down shirt, and a hard-to-miss ring, slicked back long hair, and a serious moustache, and you have a nice little humor double play. Of course, I’m not sure what’s wrong with the burly Hulk Hogan moustache from back in the day, but if that’s Busted Tees definition of a phony dude, then I’m going to go with them. Are you?

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