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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

Knight Drummer T Shirt

by on December 4, 2010

I don’t really know where to begin with this shirt. Headline Shirts explains it by saying there are all types of musicians, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, and Elton John, that have been knighted, and they think that maybe the next knighted musician should have some real hardcore knight action goin’. Like the image for this Knight Drummer T Shirt. Dude has full armor and an awesome sort of crest on the bass drum. That’s pretty badass and would seem more appropriate for anyone knighted in Great Britain, especially a musician.

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Noah’s Dilemma T Shirt

by on December 4, 2010

I’m sure the day God called down on Noah to build him an ark on dry land, Noah started to have dilemmas on a regular basis. I mean, you have nosey neighbors who you really don’t want to tell that their world is soon to be flooded and they’re going to die, and you will have the only boat, but they’re not invited. Then, you have the deal where you have to capture every species of animal in the world in a relatively short period of time. You have to round ’em up, then get two of each and get them on the boat. That is no easy task seeing as there are 60 bazillion species. Also, if you spend some time with the intelligent design folks, I think you’ll discover that they think that both man and dinosaur walked the earth at the same time, which would mean that Noah also had to get all the dinosaurs on the same ship. That is an issue, and that’s what this Noah’s Dilemma T Shirt is talking about.

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This is a nice shirt because it emphasizes the spookiness of clowns, especially to little kids, when the general consensus is that kids really should love the colorful, happy-go-lucky entertainers. There’s a disconnect there and Headline Shirts is exposing it to the masses for the benefit of the children.

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Today was a Good Day by Ice Cube. That’s where this whole Ice Cube’s a Pimp on a Blimp T shirt is coming from. Headline Shirts know what time it is when it comes to classic rap. Everyone knows this song.

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Apparently, some people think there is a dearth of rock ‘n roll in the world today. They think most of the music coming out is either electronica, rap, hip hop, or whiny little emo bands that can’t really rock. I tend to agree with them, but you can never oversimplify these types of these things with blanket statements. There are some seriously rockin’ bands goin’ right now. They just aren’t totally in vogue. But, they have their following and they’re selling records, so really everything is alright in the world. Not saying you shouldn’t take a nap until the rockers are on top of the world again, but I have Rhapsody, so I listen to whatever I want whenever I want. Except for Led Zeppelin. They don’t have the ultimate rockers yet, but they will.

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This has to be one of Headline Shirts most popular shirts ever. It’s simply brilliant. You have the send up of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, which is not totally novel on the Internet, as you can see on this artist’s site that has a lot of different variations on the theme. But, the fact, that on their Da Vinci Vitruvian Rock Man T Shirt they capture a seminal rock ‘n roll pose…the ultimate Pete Townsend guitar god strum, makes this particular variation on the classic illustration of a man particularly appealing.

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What you have here is a lovely little shout out to the classic video game Pacman, but in a little twist, I think what Busted Tees is trying to do is combine a little Hall & Oates in the deal as well. If your not ancient like me, you may not recall that the fey duo did a little number called Maneater, just about the same time Pacman was hitting it big in the 80s.

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Hey, this OG Kris Kringle is running the countdown calendar that’s going to knock your socks off. Busted Tees unveils one new shirt every day that they are offering for only $11. I suggest you go check this cool little holiday sale gimmick now, and see what they have going. It started today so you haven’t missed a thing. Go check it out.

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More Wolves T Shirt

by on December 1, 2010

Never think that there’s enough wolves on t shirts in the world. This is another spectacular offering. It’s so soulful and mystical and wonderful. There’s a wolf howling at the moon. There’s a wolf riding a white horse amongst the stars howling at the moon. Magnificent.

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This shirt boggles my mind. I really have no idea what it means. Do you? The prevailing wisdom says it has to do with Djs pumping out such amazing jams that you feel like you’re in hyperspace or on Venus, or Mars, or a distant galaxy, and aliens are dancing on your eyelids, and really you’re just a clone working on the moon and when you become less productive you just get replaced by a replica of you. Oh wait, that was that awesome movie, Moon, starring Sam Rockwell and I just spoiled it. Retroactive spoiler alert, erase from your mind what you just read. Let’s focus on this Space Lasers Bass Faders Girls ‘N Boom Boxes T Shirt.

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They always say that sharks are misunderstood and I never really understood that sentiment. I thought it was pretty easy to understand when they were venturing into three feet of water and biting human bathers arms off. They’re vicious killers that need to eat meat, and if food is scarce they’ll go get an arm or leg off a surfer or even a timid surf dipper. Did we not learn anything from Jaws?

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I love this kind of shirt, because I know that it is funny to my geeky science brethren and because it forces me to learn something about a subject I know jack squat about. So, here I go to Wikipedia for my 32 second precipitate lesson.

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