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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

It all starts with belief in yourself. You have to believe that when you start to imbibe the beers, the shots, and the glasses of wine that you are becoming awesome and that everybody wants to be around you as you become awesome. So what if you throw up in the backseat of someone’s car…they still want to be around you because you’re awesome.

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You can not go forward in life without remembering the past, otherwise you’re doomed to repeat mistakes and not REALLY MOVE FORWARD. That’s why we’re looking at this Nintendo 64 Gun Original Gangsta T Shirt. Remember what you learned when you shot poor little, badly animated creatures. Realize how much better the Wii is. Be thankful for the technology that drives forward better and better video gaming experience, while most cars remain in the 20s for miles per gallon. That my friend is technological priority. You can have orgasmic killing experience in your living room even as the Earth dies outside your window. That’s sweet and Busted Tees knows it.

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Deez Teez, cheese, peas, knees, fees, bees, Lee’s (as in the corny jeans). Come on…everybody try it…the ees or eeze words are abundant and fun. I can not get enough of this rhyming business. Oh, and another thing, I just posted review of Deez Teez that will make you the smartest person in your burgeoning circle of friends. If  you want to feel superior to everyone around you at all times, because you have knowledge oozing out of your cerebral cortex, then you want to go ahead and read what I painstakenly put together just for you, my faithful reader. Now, back to my eese poetry.

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Happy New Year! It’s the time for resolutions, and I think number one on your list should be “Stop Animal Testing.” Okay? Now, say it out loud to someone in your core group, so that they can hold you accountable. You’re going to do everything you can to stop animal testing, including wearing this Stop Animal Testing  T Shirt.

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

Okay, let’s go down the list from Pew Research Center Publications to start this 2010 featured story list to put this year to rest.

Earthquake in Haiti
Hmmm, I’m thinking there’s not much to joke about here, thus, there was not a lot of t shirts pumped out. Maybe something about Wyclef Jean trying to be president should be printed, but I haven’t seen it.

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This whole issue is a little controversial and it was a big story in 2010. I believe Arizona is having significant infrastructure stress due to all of the illegal immigration. We live in a country that requires that you get documented before you live in the country. We should be more strict on immigration, especially with our economy in the shitter.

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Mac Daddy T Shirt

by on December 31, 2010

Happy New Year’s Eve! This is the night to be the Mac Daddy.

What time period did the Mac Daddy phrase come into existence? I might have to go do 12 seconds of Internet research and figure that out. Okay, I’m back. Looks like maybe The Mack blaxploitation film from the 70s really kicked started that phrase. And, it means the head dude that’s got a way with the ladies. For further refinement of the definition, go ahead and check out the Urban Dictionary.

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Bob Barker quite a good sport playing himself in the movie Happy Gilmore, trading blows with Adam Sandler on the golf course as they fight about Happy’s poor golf skills.

I guess the question is would you wear The Price is Wrong Bitch T Shirt in public, and if so, what type of venue? Church, wedding, family gathering, work? Let me know if you have this shirt and where you have worn it. I’m sure Busted Tees would be proud.

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Greece UK Flag T Shirt

by on December 28, 2010

It’s a misdirection alert. No one will even know how to respond when you show up wearing this Greece with the UK Flag T Shirt. What can you say? And, sometimes that’s the best way to make an entrance into a room. Flabbergast everyone. All they can do is focus on you and your shirt and their minds are blank slates. They’re searching for comments, witticisms but nothing is there because the cognitive dissonance is so great.

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The shark certainly has feelings too, especially in his nose. That’s what you have to do when you get attacked by one of these vicious creatures…punch them right in the nose. It’s excruciating for them. But, maybe we’re talking about emotional type feelings, which is the point where this really starts to get funny, because sharks are made out to be just horrible, blood seeking killers with razor sharp teeth, and the picture on this Shark I Have Feelings Too T Shirt does nothing to diminish that. So, that’s funny because then you say to yourself, “ah, he’s just a big teddy bear, but really he’s a shark and you don’t want to hug him, because he will maim you.

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What you have here is an esoteric Star Wars t shirt, which is kind of a rare thing.  They’re playing off the baking soda box and the Storm Trooper menacing authority garnered from their guns and ammunition (shout out Junior Murvin!) Whoever designed that baking soda box was a genius. The image with the circle around it is so immediately eye pleasing I don’t even know how to express it, and this Arm & Blaster The Standard of Authority T Shirt does a great job capturing that magic.

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Wordplay in the house. First you have the subject in school and it seems pretty cool, learning about wars, and destruction, and evil kings, and evil politicians, and evil civilizations, and every once in a while a touching story about one person that was pretty concerned about the plight of the indigenous people. But, by the second story of that sappy ilk, history sort of gets old to study.

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