Polly & Crackers

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I just posted a review of Polly & Crackers, a seriously interesting player in the funny t shirt business. Take your time with this site. At first it looks like a bunch of poorly designed, super weird stuff, but it totally grows on you, and you see there’s a method to the mad randomness.

It’s like a band you don’t think you like at first, but you know there’s something there, so you keep listening, and the layers start to reveal themselves and all of a sudden their album is one of your favorites and in constant rotation on the iPod. In fact, I think I’m in danger of becoming obsessed. Proceed at your own risk. I mean even that logo grows on you. Polly is a fine clean font. Crackers is jacked. And that little girl is cussing like a sailor.

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Polly and Crackers is a nice little shirt outfit from North Carolina (I did some heavy duty research on the area code on their contact phone number). They go for the lo-fi look on their designs, and the messaging is obtuse or even random.

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