Political T Shirts

Political T Shirts: I’m not big into politics, but I know some of you are, so here’s a collection of the best politics shirts you’re gonna find.

Anytime you can get a Snorg Tees shirt that features George Washington with an urban nickname, you have to jump on that chance. And I mean jump, because this is one of those shirt offerings that just pops out at you and you know that it’s going to sell like crazy, so if you want one of the original runs, you have to act quick.

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I like this Lobbyists Conducting Legal Corruption Since 1869 T Shirt because it cuts right to the heart of all that is wrong with the United States. Capitalism is a great thing, until there’s complete de-regulation and the Corporations are left to their own devices to determine right and wrong . And, that, I’m afraid, doesn’t work at all, because corporations have no hearts, souls, and minds. Rather they are automatons working to forever boost the stock price for shareholders, which is an absolutely unsustainable system.

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This is a great design, capturing Bill Bixby right in the midst of his change from ordinary man into the Incredible Hulk. Of course, you also have the Barack Obama campaign poster angle here as well, which is the perfect touch. Shepard Fairey’s design for the Obama Change and Hope campaign really made an impact, and it continues to show up all over the place, especially on funny t shirts.

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See Abe Lincoln as President of the United States made some enemies. Something about how there shouldn’t be slavery, and a whole region was like, WTF, free labor is how we make our money. How are we gonna survive? And Abe said, you better get some better business acumen and learn how to make money without the free labor. And those imbecile Southerners were like, no we won’t do it. So, then Abe said, well, I hate to do this but we’re gonna have a civil war to get this shit straight. And, the US proceeded to engage in super bloody four year conflict, which remains the deadliest in the countries’ history: 620,000. Sometimes you gotta do the right thing.

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Moon Hoax T Shirt

by on February 29, 2012

Clapboard with moon landing scene 14, take 03. That’s funny. They’re like okay, a little more to the left, and try to get that flag straight up, and we need a better shadow from the astronaut outside the frame. We’re getting there, but come on people this is an important event to Kennedy. He challenged us now we have to deliver before the Russians come up with their own moon landing film.

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Unfortunately, this little play on Obama’s Hope lies and deceipt campaign is full of sad truth. Obama hasn’t come through on one promise. He’s just as bought and paid for as any of his predecessors. The wars continue. The lawlessness in the financial sector thrives. And, the slick deceiver is probably going to get a second term because the Republicans are offering up a band of idiots as his competition. Well, except for Ron Paul.

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This is from the TV Show Parks and Recreation referencing Leslie Knope’s run for Pawnee City Council 2012. Gotta like this Knope We Can in 2012 T shirt because it sounds hilarious. Sorta like yes we can’t but the opposite.

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This just about sums it up for me. Can anyone even believe what’s going on with the Republican primaries. Ridiculous. Newt Gingrich. Mitt Romney. Paul Santorum. That reminds me of the beautiful campaign Dan Savage waged against Santorum, when the politician was fighting for some douchey anti-gay bullshit. He got his last name to be associated with the following definition:

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I think this is a real sign, and whether it is or not, it’s real funny. The little stick figure person with the arms straight up in the air in the stick figure water is somewhat of an idiot. You need to relax and tread water and not fight that fuckin’ rip tide. You may go way out there, but eventually you’ll be able to swim back in at your leisure.

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Hey, it’s coming down to this for a lot of people. The jobs keep disappearing. Nobody’s hiring. The bankers get richer and you’re stuck on unemployment, moving back into your parents basement. Now, you’re losing your self respect and things are starting to look a little dicey. What on earth are you going to do.

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Ah. What a perfect shirt for this silly political season we are in right now. I simply cannot believe what a shambles the United States political system is in. Along with just about everything else. F’d up I tell you. Wait, of course I can believe it. I’ve always harbored the belief that the whole thing was a sham and politicians were available for the highest bidder, but then I got sucked into the spectacular marketing campaign that was Barack Obama’s presidential run, and voted for him. I got a brutal slap in the face thinking there could be change and hope while still working within the system. What a joke.

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Well this is pretty funny as we move into the silly political season. I actually think Ron Paul might be the most viable candidate out there. He probably won’t get the nod as the Republican nominee, but he might make some serious noise as an Independent. He’s against the wars. He’s against the fed. He wants to legal the marijuana. He’s violently opposed to all the fascist legislation that’s making its way around the Hill. He has warts, but I think even if he can deliver on 25% of that short list, he’ll be better by far than any President for quite some time. He really seems like he can’t be bought.

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