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Political T Shirts: I’m not big into politics, but I know some of you are, so here’s a collection of the best politics shirts you’re gonna find.

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Now, this is what I’m talking about with the election. There is no choice. The game is rigged. Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Cut from the same cloth. Beholden to the same corporations. Cogs in the kleptocracy. I love the United States despite all its foibles, but I’m sure as hell not going to waste my time voting, no matter how eloquent and moving Obama is as a public speaker.

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Mitt Happens T Shirt

by on September 7, 2012

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More like Mitt hits the fan if that corporate douche is elected. Actually, it really doesn’t matter. Anybody that gets nominated as their party’s official candidate is a corporate stooge set in place to rape the Republic.

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Hey, this quote from George Washington is very appropos. “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.”

Perhaps there’s still a small glimmer of light in an otherwise very dark period for the United States, where the kleptocracy has made its biggest, boldest move to date. There are still those that are taking pains to bring the truth out in the open of the absolute disregard for the laws of the land by those that have been “elected” to serve. The Constitution has been destroyed and human rights abuses, economic malefeacance, and environmental destruction have run rampant.

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What’s the name of your shop? Your name? Your role?

The shop is called Ban T-shirts, I’m Duncan Carson and I design about 70% of the shirts, I designed the site and I do all the promo.

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Vote Or Don’t T Shirt

by on September 4, 2012

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This is more like the political rallying I stand for. It really doesn’t matter if you vote or not, so go ahead and do what helps you get through the day with your sanity and clear conscience intact. Although, maybe the next shirt should be Revolt. That’s something I could get behind. I mean literally. If somebody with more balls than me wore this shirt and started the revolution, I’d stand behind them and whisper sweet encouragement in their ear.

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Invisible Obama T Shirt

by on September 1, 2012

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Invisible Obama 2012 – A Chair We Can Believe In: Can we really vote for a chair, because that seems like the most viable option.

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This is all very true. If you reference Ben when you say any kind of stuff at all, people will immediately shut off the BS detector and give you a fair listen. That’s the power of the man that wrote the Farmer’s Almanac and invented the 5 and dime store.

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Pussy Riot T Shirt

by on August 22, 2012

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Ah, capturing the important political/entertainment news, we have the very important Pussy Riot t-shirt, of course, referencing the feminist band that went into a Russian cathedral and asked the Virgin Mary to rid the country of the Vladimir Putin regime, and then danced around and stuff. Three of them ended up in prison. Three others are in hiding.

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This is an Americanized sugar skull which looks cool. There are a lot of symbols in there that I’m not sure how to interpret, including the flag with the star, the diamond eyes, and the pyramid base with the all-seeing eye. “Freedom is never free” generally means that we have to fight wars to maintain our freedom, which hasn’t necessarily been the case for the last 70+ years, or maybe it has.

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Love this design from Crock Tees. Very appropriate with the Olympics going on. Also, cool to remember the 1968 Black Power salute from Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who medaled in the 200m. The US needed this reminder and many weren’t happy about it. I think those dudes are heroes.

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For anybody that’s carried cash for the last 100 years, that creepy eye has been staring at them. I think it was subliminally training us to just bend over and accept whatever abuse the 1 percenters are ready to thrust our way. And it’s all coming to a head in this crazy days of absolute lawlessness on Wall St. and K Street. I blame the Eye of Providence for paving the way.

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This design is getting a little historical, which is good to keep the kids interested in what happened in the past. Of course, I don’t really remember why Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were in such a fighting frenzy, but they did have a duel.

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